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The Bloodlust, a Very Short Story by Kylyssa Shay

Updated on November 1, 2015
Blood splash in milk puddle
Blood splash in milk puddle | Source

The following is a work of flash fiction which means it's supposed to be very short and it's not intended to represent reality.


Scary Things Come in Cute Packages

Vanessa was depressed because she had a mind made for genocide and a body built for strictly platonic cuddling and naps. She hadn't even tried attempted murder in almost a week. Her muscles were tight and toned and she was extremely strong for her size, but it wasn't enough. Vanessa wanted a body that could kill. Literally.

Instead, she felt vulnerable, small, and weak despite being in top physical condition and able to kick her much larger brother's ass whenever she felt like it. As much damage as she could do, she was too tiny to even protect herself from all the dangerous things in life, much less fulfill her desires. Her needs were all fulfilled and spectacularly well, but her wants were left wanting.

Vanessa could be said to be "kept" by anyone who didn't know her very well, but everyone who did realized she was ruler of the roost and the only keeping anyone else did around her home was doing the housekeeping. She had servants to feed her, massage her, entertain her, and to keep her home clean. She was never hungry, thirsty, and seldom bored for long, but her life just didn't fit who she really was inside. She granted audiences to visitors, including well-behaved children, but she walked out, sometimes mid-greeting when children of the other sort darkened her door. Not that she'd see them come in; she had servants for answering the door.

Vanessa was neither kept nor keeper but she was a slave to her own desires, owned by a darker part of herself, feelings of blood-lust that moved her even in sleep.

Vanessa plotting murder on her adorable tiny sofa
Vanessa plotting murder on her adorable tiny sofa | Source

Killing Me Softly with Her Paws

This is the reason her extreme tininess is such a tragedy to her, the reason she cries plaintively at the unfairness of the world; she realizes she is too small to disembowel anything much bigger than a juvenile groundhog and only that on a very, very good day if she is being honest with herself.

Even that knowledge is strictly theoretical. Such prey is kept in protected reserves called "outside" where Vanessa never seems to be able to visit. Held captive due to common recognition of her innate savagery, Vanessa is forced to live a soft, pampered, and snuggly life, pink-nosed and adorable and never allowed to taste blood she's drawn herself.

Her urges are suppressed and the world is safe from small, fuzzy, murderous bloodlust. She pays the sad, cuddly price for her own savage heart.

You'd better run fast if she finds you in her dreams.
You'd better run fast if she finds you in her dreams. | Source
Gaze into her limpid, kitteny eyes and repeat after her, 'Murrrderrr?"
Gaze into her limpid, kitteny eyes and repeat after her, 'Murrrderrr?" | Source

© 2015 Kylyssa Shay

Are You Afraid of Adorable, Furry Creatures with Murder on Their Minds?

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    • Kristen Howe profile image

      Kristen Howe 2 years ago from Northeast Ohio

      Great job with this short story! Voted up for interesting!

    • Kylyssa profile image

      Kylyssa Shay 2 years ago from Overlooking a meadow near Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

      Thank you. I have a few more short stories here on HubPages, but most of them are out in the ether, trying to get into magazines or anthologies.

    • cam8510 profile image

      Chris Mills 2 years ago from Missoula, Montana at least until March 2018

      So, that's what they are thinking. I always wondered. I may never own another cat. Great story. I'd love to see more short stories from you.

    • Aladdins Cave profile image

      Aladdins Cave 2 years ago from Melbourne, Australia

      Great writing

      I've posted a link on Twitter and hope others will also read it.

      I shall now go and hunt for your other hub's and see what else

      you have for me

      Cheers from DOWNUNDER

    • WillStarr profile image

      WillStarr 2 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona

      A clever and enjoyable work! Voted up.

    • profile image

      Lee Cloak 2 years ago

      A really great really clever short story, a fantastic piece of writing, very enjoyable indeed, well done, voted up, Lee

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 2 years ago from Queensland Australia

      Well had me at the start. Voted up.