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Bob, Bob, Bobbing Bonnets Down The Mountain

Updated on June 19, 2013

I tossed and turned and tumbled,

Waiting all through the night and

At half past the second twenty-second hour,

With squinty blurry boogery eyes,

I see the clock tick tock about my west dove housing tower.

Its hour hand leaves plumes of thinning vapors –

Spreading all into the air.

Wait – and then you will see

On this nights second twenty-third hours


As hands go clicking into a space

that is their place at their pace -

Ticking all above the square.

There hanging;

The small man.

See as he screams shouting rants as

All across the sky vultures dive and peck and screech hunger

as they follow his rise and decent.

Watching -

As he hangs with forehead turning red

and sheets of drench drip down

From him.-

He holds on fighting until the drop isn't too far at all

at least past the second twenty-third fourth hour mark,

On the Big Ben Clock in the middle of my west and south

My stained glass ceilings made into

A mural blown and colored

In a panoramic burning of books and painted canvas.

And The Large Eye - it

follows as you stand in every corner

about the room.

He tightens grip

And when it’s safe to drop – letting go of the second hand

-counting something like 87 ticks-

He jumps shooting into the cave filled with cages carrying all sorts of crooked things.

Hiding behind the stalactites bright and drippy

He shrinks from sight or smell.

All of them charismatic and dramatic,

Bashfully belying intent; a battery of batting eyes -

Blue with blond lashes;

Walk into the cave filled with baskets

To withdraw their sages

Until the end of the day.

Down the long windy road they go,

A herd of white bonnets bobbing down the mountain.

Bob, bob, bob,

Around the corner, down the mountain.

I toss and turn


I don’t have a west dove tower!

No tower of any direction is there

Above this lofty bed!

I shout from atop.

Run and fetch – I want my fruit and tree!

I swear they look like mice.

These servants serving me look like the singing mice of

Cinderella from Disney tales.

Wait – scratching head

I toss and turn,

And deeper into the night....

Until buzz and beep and boing

Bounce you out of bed

Bob, bob, bob

You bounce off to see the day.

Bob, bob, bob


I stubbed my freaking toes reaching for

the snooze


Rubbing eyes.

Bob… Yawn.

Squinting eyes.

The day is so bright.


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