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Bon Voyage...A New Look At It's Meaning.

Updated on April 1, 2010


Bon Voyage!




Each season offers

travelers a porthole,
with clear views of

what is approaching
as we sail onward

through time and space,
on our great mother-ship

"Earth," resplendent,
taking leaves with

bright colored confetti,
as we set off through

September's voyage.
Soon we're tossed on

the whitecaps of winter,
seeking shelter in

the hold of our cabins
bitter winds howl,

the cold is titanic,  
as the turbulent

ice storms relentless,
slow our journey

to the tropics to come.
We seek harbor in

the warm clime of April,
lush and verdant as

its sweet flowers bloom,
drinking deep from

fresh springs of rainwater,
children dance

in the music of May,
as we bask in

the rebirth of joy.
Then we're off for

long needed vacations,
to a place that mimes

well Earth's equator,
on an island that

runs three months long,
where we'll nap in

the hammocks of June,
as blue skies grace

July and we sunbathe,
till August of hot air

bids us swim,
in the aqua bright

waters of summer,
savoring life in

this vast paradise.
Far too soon we'll

again make a passage,
sealing portholes

to October's chill,
shedding festive bright

colors from bare limbs,
for warm sweaters as

we head into storms,
in a cycle of travel

quite endless,
captured yearly in

the windows of time.

Bon voyage!


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