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Bond Between Blossom And Nature.

Updated on August 24, 2017
Rachu Murali profile image

Muralidhar as rachu murali have Logged in On 26-June-2017 In hubpages to Show His talent on Writing Poetry.

Nature and Blossom

My Heart Felt The Shy When It Saw Your Eye,

It Was The Time To Feel A Beautiful Smile With Sigh,

You Made My Heart Feel, I Was Very Eager To Tie,

It Was Your Only Smile Even I Was Ready To Die,

Why Do You Move ? When Breeze Make You Fly,

Why Do You Speak ? Words Are Departing With Cry,

Let Me Hold You Very Soft Even Clouds Are Waiting To Try,

Sun Turns Its Face Out, It Is Frightened For You May Fry,

When You Leave The Place, Why The Place Become Dry?,

Turn Back To Me Before The Nature Start To Cry,

I Am Waiting For You Watching Your Way Back To Me,

Let Me Walk With You So Nature Retains With In Me.

© 2017 Muralidhar Krishnamurthy


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