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Updated on March 29, 2015

New idea

im hoping to begin this book when I finish my other projects,hopefully start it early next year with a bit of luck.

Forthcoming book

Page 1


In the farthest reaches of Northern Scotland a legendary beast resurfaces, filling the hearts and installing terror in to the homes of innocent holiday had lain dormant for 30 years,and the actions of an unknown hiker had inadvertently awoken the bloodthirsty beast from its slumber.
Hiker Thomas Arnold from Falkirk had walked over the top of where the beast that had lain for 30 years,after trampling over the fortified grave ,dirt and dust had fallen on to the beasts face angering it and awakening it from its slumber.a temper and rage to match it's seven foot size.Thomas had woken the horror known as Bondigurli, it stood an impressive seven feet tall with razor sharp claws at the end of each arm,with teeth to match,it was an awesome predator.
It once haunted the hills and glens of Scotland with a trail of slain bodies in its wake,unstoppable and ravenous. locals who knew of its legend had become used to its 30 year haunt on local villages,almost accepting the inevitability of what would happen.after all,it had roamed the glens for over 100 year or so with no foe to stop it as such.locals knew when Bondigurli was ready to surface,it was normal on these nights of terror to keep their doors bolted shut in the vain hope it was stall it's bloodthirsty hunt,it worked sometimes,sometimes it didn't.once the fear set in,the animal could smell the locals fear,it was like a homing signal that led Bondigurli to its feast.
The story runs from relative peace which the locals enjoyed for most of their lives,until diving in to the regular visiting fear from the beast in waiting.
The beast originated from a mortal man.Alexander Bullind had been tampering with forces he underestimated and didn't understand.he attempted ancient Scottish witchcraft that was only ever done in extreme cases,but Alexander had lost his wife and children to poachers who ruthlessly butchered them in front of him so they could steal his livestock.he felt he Han nothing to live for.he cried for weeks non stop and a fellow farmer told him about the witchcraft.he didn't believe it to be honest,but he desperately wanted his family back.unfortunately he concocted the spell the wrong way,in turn enveloping a terrible curse upon him.performing the witchcraft incorrectly results in terrible consequences for the user,hence it hadn't been used for many generations.
Alex mixed herbs and spices incorrectly and he fell in to a deep sleep,he woke during the night not feeling himself.he got up ,rubbed his eyes only to feel claws scratching his face.he was horrified.the early morning got worse as

Page 2

he felt hair over his whole body,and his face had changed beyond all recognition.he had pointed teeth,and trying to express his fear in words failed also,only hearing a low growl from his mouth.For his incompetence and inexperience he had been punished by being turned in to the tormented beast now known as Bondigurli.


This is a book I'm thinking of writing,got the idea whilst on holiday in the Scottish Highlands.hopefully start it soon.

The view from the back end of our accommodation,very creepy at night.This is a general idea of the animals hunting ground.where he stalks his prey.



this loch is full during the day,late afternoon it is full of people pursuing water sports,cruises and lots of moored boats.


Beautiful during the day,definitely deadly by night.i think if you went a walk late on in this terrain,I think there's a fair chance you could get lost,or possibly worse.the cold weather closes in so quickly,it can creep up on you before you realise it.

When snow covered.

this area of Scotland is especially beautiful during the winter months when the snow is laying,can be a very remote place in the winter aswell.

What are people's opinions of this area?

See results

Future scares

the book is gradually taking taking some twists and turns in my head,just figuring how to transfer my thoughts to paper.

New Addition

ive written and published three books now,I'm seriously considering publishing my own cook book.all budget recipes for big families and people on low incomes like myself.


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      John Marshall 3 years ago from glasgow


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      Nellieanna Hay 3 years ago from TEXAS

      Looks intriguing. . .