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Book, "I Am Jackie Chan"

Updated on September 11, 2012

I Am Jackie Chan Book

this is the actual book.
this is the actual book. | Source

Jackie Chan, more than just a Superman

Jackie Chan, two words.

I think almost every human being on the planet knows the name.

Yet, do you know the man, behind the image of the super man?

Actually in some ways, that famous Jackie Chan Smile that glows,

still is the little boy that came from Kowloon.

No, Jackie is not perfect.

In fact, Jackie Chan, will even tell you that he is scared,

when he does stunts.

But is is something that he kind is great at.

Yes, if you know about Jackie, you know, and

can see at the end of all his movies, the bloopers,

and know that even with stunts, things can go,

very wrong, and has cause Jackie many, many injuries,

and broken bones, a hole in his head.

You can even tell in the early films, when Jackie now

runs different, because he has broken his ankles,

but can pull things off, like you wouldn't believe.

The man even has a hole in head, from a scene,

he almost died, well actually, there were a few times,

when he almost died.

But the book is well written indeed.

It will talk about when he was a little boy,

and his parents, signed him into a drama/martial arts/theatre academy.

Know the real reason why Jackie is good at what he does?

Well, if he didn't do things that he was suppose to do, the punishment,

were kind of spankings and such, which I do tend to think, that is why

Jackie worked so hard.

Jackie would get up so early in the morning with other children and

practice, practice, practice, everything!

Jackie also met his two brothers, Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao and

has worked in films with them.

Jackie's book can bring a tear to your eye, cause it shows that he isn't

human and has made mistakes.

Jackie just grew and learned from them.

But I think you can order the book, I forget where.

I carry this book to sets, that I work on.

I could sit and tell you so much about this book,

but then again, I wouldn't want to spoil it for you.


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