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Book Layout and Cover Design Services

Updated on October 6, 2011

Learn How!

Sample Book Layout
Sample Book Layout

Self Publishing? Need Book Layout and Cover Design Services?

Readers buy books that look professionally designed,but this is largely subconscious on their part. Readers don't consciously seek out a professional looking design. Rather, a good book cover catches the potential reader's eye. They pick up your book and begin reading. If the layout doesn't look right, the reader will subconsciously mark it as amateur and replace the book to the shelf. The cover design and layout should be professional, yet "transparent." If they're focusing on the cover design or page layout, then they're not focusing on the content of your book!

If you're self-publishing your book, then you need to learn about book layout and cover design services.

You can use programs such as the Adobe Suite of programs to design your book layout and cover, however these program suites cost several thousands of dollars.

You can hire a book layout and cover designer who can give you professional results for only a few hundred dollars.The savings on the learning curver alone is worth it!

If you want your book to be taken seriously, its layout design needs to be professional. Modern software tempts book authors to do their own book cover and layout design work. Word processing software, such as Microsoft Word, encourages self-publishers to attempt their own book covers and layouts. It offers page numbers, footers, headers, font choices. Using these tools may produce a book, but will it be marketable? Will it be taken seriously?

Book Cover & Layout Design Presentation by Pamela Trush

Book Cover Design Samples

There are lots of book cover design and layout samples on the web. Do a Google search on "Book Layouts" to pull up some great websites that have photo galleries of book cover and layout samples for you to browse.

Similarly, a search on for "Book Layout Designer" will pull up many professional book layout artists who have samples on their page and offer layout services as well.


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