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Book Review: Afoot on St. Croix by Rebecca M. Hale

Updated on November 17, 2014
Meet Elena and the legend of the Goat Foot Woman in the second installment of the Island Mysteries
Meet Elena and the legend of the Goat Foot Woman in the second installment of the Island Mysteries

Second Trip to the Islands is More Enjoyable

The good thing about this second installment of the Island Mysteries it's a lot more enjoyable than the first installment. Still a little ragged around the edges, but a lot more intriguing.

Afoot on St. Croix is a stand alone novel with the story revolving around Charlie Baker who was introduced in the first installment. In fact, Charlie's exit in the first novel was rather clever and while I thought the story was going to run concurrent with the events of the first novel, it doesn't.

This installment picks up about four months after Charlie's trip to St. Croix over Thanksgiving weekend. At the request of his ex-wife, Mira, Charlie is once again coming to the island for a meeting. The Baker's have been divorced for a decade and this (his third trip) time he hopes Mira has brought his two children with her.

As the story progresses, the lives of many people interact on the island and its not just Charlie's story. The main story deals with Mira and her actions, while Charlie seems to be her patsy. Due to the plot I can't reveal too much for fear of spoiling this part of the story. Had author Rebecca M. Hale stayed with this storyline, I think I would have been much more satisfied.

While there are other characters whose lives are entwined throughout the story, I didn't find it as confusing as the first installment. Everything seemed to flow at a much more even pace, but I did find the holiday setting of Transfer Day to be quite boring and even after finishing, I'm still not too sure about the Goat Foot Woman legend.

Of course, most of the book is written in narrative, but it wasn't as dark as it's predecessor. It seemed a little more bright and airy, plus it had a breakout character, Elena, provides some much needed comic relief.

I'm not saying I completely disliked this installment, but the potential was there for a great story and somewhere along the way, I think I missed where it was. As with this story, it's like being a gawker at an accident and wanting to look at the carnage.

Again, I felt this story was placed in the wrong medium. I think it would do great as a movie since there is a lot of intrigue and I think it would transfer easily from page to screen.


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