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A Romantic Satire Written in the Cat Meme Language

Updated on September 16, 2017
Kara Skinner profile image

Kara Skinner believes in changing the world through the power of books. Her goal is to unbury hidden gems in the book world.

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Word Count: 1,230

3 stars for Being Friends with Margo

Gus has been in love with his best friend Margo for years and he would do anything for her, even give moral support as she continues dating the wrong guys and getting her heart broken over and over. But maybe he can finally convince her that he is the one for her.

Andre' Mwansa mainly writes for fun and to exercise his creativity. The first novel he ever read for fun was a romantic comedy and now he enjoys writing them himself. Being Friends with Margo is one of his standalone stories.

A Satirical Spin on Best Friend Romances

We all know the story of the nice guy who is constantly passed over by the girl he loves even as she gets her heart broken over and over. He's usually a good friend who is always ready to pass the tissue box and be a shoulder to cry on.

As a sucker for romance in general, this happens to be one of my favorite story arcs. And Andre' Mwansa did a great job parodying it in Being Friends with Margo.

Gus is definitely everything a good guy should be, being there to support Margo as she gets over a heartbreak and then watching as she gets involved with another guy and Margo is definitely a girl that appears to just keep getting involved with the wrong guys.

There are a lot of moments worth snickering at in this book:

She stood up and gave me a kiss on the cheek saying ‘thank you’, and how I wished my face had penises.

In general it's really entertaining and has everything a best-friend romance needs or wants.

1,230 words of THIS.
1,230 words of THIS.

It Has the Eloquence of a Cat Meme

The writing is so bad, though. There are so many grammatical errors and awkwardly worded sentences that I couldn't do much more than get the gist of what was happening.

‘’Trust me I know how much trouble you can be with just being a friend, wouldn’t like to add up to what already is’’ she said.

If anyone can decipher this message to find out why she doesn't want to date Gus, just a guy exactly like him, please leave tell me in the comments and I'll be eternally grateful. The story is riddled with horrible sentences like these, which is why this book is only 3 stars. How can I enjoy it when I'm too busy trying to piece together broken English like a jigsaw puzzle?

You can read Being Friends With Margo for free on Smashwords. If you read it, let me know what you think in the comments.


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