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Book Review: Chili con Carnage by Kylie Logan

Updated on November 17, 2014
That next pot of chili can be murder
That next pot of chili can be murder

Who doesn't love a good batch of chili this time of year? If you're looking for a good book to read while having that bowl, then this new series is for you.

Maxie Pierce and her half sister, Sylvia, are on the road hoping to find their missing father. Their father, Jack Pierce is the founder of Texas Jack's Pierce's Hot-Cha Chili Seasoning Palace and spends his life travelling the country selling his spices at festivals. When he goes missing six weeks earlier, the girls take over the business and continue on the Showdown.

With Sylvia in charge of the business end, Maxie dons the Chili-Chick costume and tap dances her little heart out while drawing people in to buy the spices.

The story starts in Taos, New Mexico and while Maxie is running from her life in Chicago, she's now "running" from a crazy local woman after a one night date with Roberto, one of the new guys on the Showdown. Maxie isn't drawn to him and chalks the night up as a bad date, but crazy Karmen thinks otherwise.

She comes looking for Maxie and when she doesn't find her leaves the fairgrounds in a huff. Later that day, Maxie opens the door to celebrity chef and judge, Carter Donnelly's trailer and out falls Roberto.

Suspicion looms over Sylvia who was once involved with the lothario a decade earlier and now that the truth has come out, Maxie has to figure out a way to get Sylvia out of jail and onto the next showdown.

If you've read my previous reviews of Logan's other series (the Button Box Mysteries) these new mysteries promise to be exciting. Who hasn't dreamed of running away in an RV and just toured the country in some type of festival atmosphere? If you haven't, then you'll change your mind when you start reading.

The characters are all great and with being on a circuit for a living, Logan shows just how difficult it is for Maxie to get around while trying to come up with a solution to Roberto's murder and trying to free Sylvia.

Allow yourself a few hours to read this since it is a great page turner and Logan has given these characters free reign. They're not huddled in one space. They're given different locations which greatly does wonders for the book.

It's also interesting to add that Maxie's Chili-Chick costume also becomes a character. There's a history of the costume and I couldn't help but feel pity for those who don a costume and wave costumers in. I don't think it's the kind of job I want.

All in all, this is a great start to the series and I also think Logan has opened up more as a writer. The Button Box Mysteries (although good) are much more stuffier than Maxie and company. Maxie's a free wheeling character and a lot of fun to spend time with!


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