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Retro Reading: Heir of the Dog by Judi McCoy

Updated on May 13, 2022
Will Sam win over Ellie?
Will Sam win over Ellie?

Second Installment is more Romance than Mystery

Judi, Judi, Judi, what happened?

In the second installment of the dog walkers mystery series, Heir of the Dog I couldn't wait to read the follow up to the freshman mystery but was disappointed in the direction of the story.

As the second novel opens, Ellie and faithful canine Rudy have stumbled across the body of homeless Garick "Gary" Veridot in Central Park. While Gary was just a bit character in the first novel, it was kind of sad to have him offed in this installment. With the background history of Gary, it would have been nice to get to know him a little better.

Since Ellie found his body she's once again a suspect only this time she has proof that she's innocent.

Basically, this installment focuses more on Ellie's dating life since things didn't pan out with studly Detective Sam Ryder and even though she's still carrying a chip on her shoulder, she agrees to go out with attorney Kevin McGowan. Of course Rudy doesn't like either of them and is telling Ellie bad lawyer jokes whenever he can.

While her business has taken off since their debut, Ellie realizes she needs an assistant and hires Hilary Blankenship, a socialite in the final throes of a bitter divorce. Ellie has a feeling that this working relationship won't work out and continues to put notices up around town for another assistant.

At the time of Gary's murder, she's given an envelope and discovers that Gary wanted her to carry out his last wishes and that's when the mystery is supposed to begin.

Ellie and Ryder come across Gary's past and discover that he had a brother who has just been released from prison. So now we have someone out to get Ellie in New York and she seems rather nonchalant about the whole situation she's in.

After a couple of strange phone calls, I think I would have told Sam about them regardless of a past history.The problem with the second entry is there wasn't enough suspense as generated in the first.

Even though Ellie is a strong character I wasn't impressed with a lot of the decisions she made. She went against Ryder on almost everything and I think this was more of a romance with a murder thrown in.

While still entertaining, I highly recommend this series.


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