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In His Steps by Charles M. Sheldon: A Summary

Updated on February 16, 2012

Since the beginning of religion, people have been looking to the church for answers and exemplary behavior. That is the reason why this book has captured my heart.

A large wealthy American church is visited by a tramp who humbly and without accusation opens up about his living crisis and what he had expected from Christians around him. Not many tried to help him yet they walked around proclaiming how much they are like Jesus.

Touched by his story and the truth behind it, pastor of the Nazarene Baptist Church, Rev. Henry Maxwell, invited his members to pledge for one year to ask themselves "What Would Jesus Do?" before undertaking any of their daily tasks and decisions.

Needless to say, the repercussions of this pledge were numerous and life-changing. Taken by the leaders and power-grinders of universities, newspaper, railway and the social elite, the effect of the devotion to the pledge was noticed on a large scale and affected a wide array of classes and individuals.

In His Steps was a fresh and exciting read. There were times however when the characters seemed to have only one voice. They often used the same expressions and so it was sometimes a chore to figure out who was saying what. They all seemed to have the same basic personality.

What would happen if a pledge such as this should be taken in today's society? Better yet, what if it was taken by the leaders of our countries, churches, schools and businesses. What a revolution that would be! Can you imagine the President or Prime Minister kneeling at his desk trying to find out what Jesus would do about corrupted and greedy politicians? Or a Reverend refusing to accept and condone the hypocritical and selfish behavior of members of his congregation; business owners showing their employees, clients and costumers brotherly love and respect?

What a phenomenal society we would have.

This book is a must read.

A dramatic preview of In His Steps performed by the author Chuck


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    • profile image

      janene 4 years ago

      i'm finally writing my testimony and this book is part of it. I didn't realize that this book had such a big impact on the world. I just knew it had a huge impact in my life. I started following Jesus like He intended, not like I was taught in my "Christian" upbringing.

    • profile image

      Chanler 5 years ago