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Love At First Sight Still Never Works

Updated on September 17, 2017
Kara Skinner profile image

Kara Skinner believes in changing the world through the power of books. Her goal is to unbury hidden gems in the book world.

Genre: Romance

Word Count: 5,760

1 star for Interview

Arunuday is waiting for a job interview when he notices a beautiful woman who is also an interview candidate and wishes he could talk to her.

Little does he know that she recognized him from an interview two years ago and has had a crush on him ever since. Perhaps he will be able to get the job of his dreams and the woman of his dreams on the same day.

I've had mixed emotions with most of Hiranyah Borah's stories. The language is usually very dry and often peppered with a lot of exclamation marks which drives me batty. But his stories have generally improved the more he writes. His story, Selection While Waiting At the Airport, was pretty good. Interview was not one of his better stories.

I have no problem with Arunuday. In fact, Arunuday is downright charming.

‘You see, I am coming for an interview and it appears, I am going to fail in the interview. Therefore, since it would be bad day for me, why I do not make it a worse day by getting a rebuttal from a beautiful girl.’ Arunuday with a smile replied.

To add to his character, he also recommended a fellow candidate to the interviewers over himself because the candidate needed the job to care for her family, which was really nice of him.

Deepa, the beautiful woman, is all right. She's nice enough at least. But she's a little creepy. Ever since their first interview together, two years ago, she's been keeping tabs on Arunuday, hoping to meet him officially. In fact, the only reason she interviewed at the present day job interview was so she could talk to him. This story takes place in India, so there could be cultural differences I'm not aware of, but really, stalker much?

It doesn't help that this story is incredibly insta-love. Deepa actually says it was love at first sight for her. There is nothing I hate more than love at first sight stories. It's such a cop-out and only acceptable if one of them is a witch or wizard and cast a love spell on the other. Not in Interview, though.

While Borah's writing has improved, he still felt the need to insert author's notes in the actual text! I'll be reading along and then in parentheses Borah will say (you'll find out why she lied later). It's way better if he just lets the story tell itself. Does anyone enjoy anything if they are constantly being interrupted?

Have you read any of Hiranya Borah's stories? What did you think?

You can read Interview for free on Smashwords. Let me know what you think in the comments.


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