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Book Review: Meeting Them by Rebecca Royce

Updated on March 1, 2017
This story is in the reverse harem boxed set Falling for Them.
This story is in the reverse harem boxed set Falling for Them.

Genre: Science Fiction, Reverse Harem

My rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Five years ago, Polena was sent to the Sisterhood in disgrace for having sex. After being disowned by her family, and mentally and physically abused by the Sisterhood, Polena is looking forward to finally having freedom in one year's time.

But things get complicated when she meets the McQueen brothers. All four of them are handsome and kind and they want nothing more than to take her away from the Sisterhood so they can protect her. But even as an attack on the Sisterhood forces Polena to accept their help, she knows that something is off about them. Not only did they know that they Sisterhood was going to be attacked ahead of time, they appear to know why as well. Can Polena really trust them or should she run while she still can?

I think I'm starting to develop an obsession with reverse harem. It might even be my new go-to romance genre. All four McQueen boys are hot as hell in their own ways and the scenes between them and Polena are simply delectable. They are absolutely lovestruck over her.

But that's the thing I object to, as wonderful as it is. This was pretty insta-love. Granted, this world has a shortage of women and the brothers had very little contact with females of any kind before Polena. But they were lovestruck instantly, which was a little frustrating.

It also took a long time to get into the story. because I was so unfamiliar with the world. Granted, this isn't the first book in the series, but this is supposed to be a series of standalones, and that wasn't the case. It took me several pages to get oriented enough to enjoy the story.

Also sometimes the dialogue felt too canned. Polena's dream dialogue and some of Tommy's lines didn't flow easily or naturally. However, the banter between the brothers and the interaction between them and Polena were mostly wonderful.

This is yet another series I'll have to spend money on.


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