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Book Review: Red Hatchet Falls #7 by Susan Clayton-Goldner

Updated on April 16, 2020
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Lisa Jane is an avid book reader and loves to write reviews on the books she reads.


When I received an email from the author, Susan Clayton-Goldner asking me to read and review her latest novel, I had to say yes. I have followed this series from the beginning and read them all. Every time I read these novels, I am not disappointed. I did receive this book for a review but this is my honest review.

"The closer we come to the truth, the harder it is to see". If you want to read a good suspense novel, then read the 271- page Red Hatchet Falls: A Winston Radhauser Mystery #7 by Susan Clayton-Goldner. This book was published by Tirgearr Publishing on March 18, 2020. I am reading this book because I love this author and have read a lot of her books and this was a must read novel.

Plot Summary

72-year old Homer Sullivan is walking his pet raccoon in Lithia Park when he notices something twinkling in a pile of leaves. He goes over to investigate when he realizes the twinkle is a ring and it is attached to a hand. He realizes that he needs to let Detective Radhauser know immediately.

it turns out that the severed hand belongs to a woman. To Detective Radhausers dismay this severed hand is just the beginning of something evil in his hometown in Oregon. An Islamic family that he befriended is being terrorized, is this related to the murders? Detective Radhauser must find the truth before it is too late but when he does, will it devastated him?


The main character is Detective Winston Radhauser, who is after the truth at all costs. His wife is Gracie and children are 7-year-old Lizzie and baby Jonathan.

Mcbride is his partner, Captain Murphy is his boss and Dr. Heron is the medical examiner.

Cooper is Lizzie's baseball coach and is staying with them and helping around the horse ranch.

Homer Sullivan and his pet raccoon, Rodney are the ones who found the severed hand and have helped Detective Radhauser before.

Marsha is the first victim. Her children are Junior and Jill. Her husband is Sherman and is a suspect in her murder.

Ahmed, his pregnant wife, Daria, and his 7-year-old son, Kareem are Islam and are being terrorized by Sherman, his boss.

There are other characters in this book but too many to name but these are the ones you will read about the most.

Ahmed and his family evokes sympathy throughout this book because they are being terrorized on a daily basis. You feel for them and what they are going through. They came to America and are citizens of Oregon and are trying to fit in. This family is believable because this happens every day in our society. All of these characters are believable and memorable in their own way.

I love all of these characters because they all mesh together beautifully. You have victims, the bullies, the police department who are finding the truth and their families.

My Thoughts

This is another fast pace book written by Susan Clayton-Goldner. She always seems to know how to make a book flow together. This book is full of murder, mayhem, bullying, and hate. Just when you think who the murderer is then something happens to prove you wrong. I love this book for many reasons but the most important one is that the author introduces hate and bullying into this book. This is a topic that has been around for a long time. She somehow meshes this topic and mystery into a great book.

I would definitely recommend this book and I will be posting it on all of my media sites. If you love a good mystery or suspense then this book and author is a must-read.


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