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Book Review: "Shields Up! Complete Guide to Windows Security and Mac Privacy"

Updated on October 18, 2013

Book rating:

5 stars for "Shields Up! Complete Windows Security and Mac Privacy"
"Shields Up!" is a comprehensive computer security publication
"Shields Up!" is a comprehensive computer security publication | Source

If you are a Windows user, then most likely you have an anti-virus installed on your computer. If you are a Mac user, then most likely you don't think about security issues because Macs have the reputation of being secure. But does the computer security subject end here? No way! No matter whether you have a PC, a Mac or a system running Linux, there are hundreds of security threats that you need to avoid. OK, so Macs and Linux machines are pretty much virus-free (although there are some Mac infections out there). But what about scams, spam, online fraud and even identity theft? Are you sure you are protected?

"Shields Up! Complete Guide to Windows Security and Mac Privacy" is a new book that will help you understand how various infections and threats work and will teach you how to counter them. The book includes tips for both PC and Mac users, which makes it stand out - most computer security books are written solely for Windows. This and several other things make this book special.

One of the best things about "Shields Up!" is that it covers a lot without being too complicated and too wordy. Computer-related books can be quite lengthy and tend to go on. The authors of most computer books feel the need to tell the readers literally everything - usually there is a lot of computer history and background, a lot of technical bits and a lot about how each tool, feature or function evolved. All this might be interesting to the author, but makes little sense to the reader. On top of that, there is little value in such information. As a result, the reader gets bored with the book and finds it difficult to read.

"Shields Up!" is not at all like that. The book is just under 200 pages and these 200 pages manage to cover everything an average computer user should know to keep their PC or Mac safe. Yes, the book provides brief history and background to help readers understand how malware works and why computers are vulnerable to certain types of infections. But the main focus of the book is explaining how to counter security problems and protect your computer, online accounts and home network. Not a single word is wasted and all points are very clear. In addition to that, the book provides detailed tutorials and instructions that will teach users how to protect their email and other accounts. Everything is illustrated to help the readers implement the author's recommendations.

What I really liked about "Shields Up!" is that every step the user is suggested to take is illustrated. So, when you are trying to do what the book suggest, you don't have to wonder if you're doing everything right or wrong - just look at the illustrations and you'll know what your screen is supposed to look like after each step. This gives the reader a lot of confidence and makes sure the reader doesn't do anything wrong.

Unlike a lot of other security books, "Shields Up!" is written with the average user in mind. You don't have to be a computer expert to be able to understand what the author is talking about. This makes the book invaluable to less experienced computer users who want to stay safe online and have virus-free PCs.

"Shields Up! Complete Guide to Windows Security and Mac Privacy" is available as a paperback from a number of online stores and as a PDF through WebMinds' website. It's also sold as a Kindle version on Amazon for $7.99. The list price for the paperback is $36.95 and the PDF version costs $9.95. The book is also offered as a gift to anyone who purchases some of WebMinds' software via their websites.

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