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Book Review: Star Wars: DarthBane Dynasty Of Evil by Drew Karpyshyn

Updated on April 7, 2020
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LJ Milan is a fan of science fiction since his elementary school. And he loves sharing gems he finds along the way.

Artist: John Jude Palencar
Artist: John Jude Palencar | Source


Twenty years have passed since the destruction of the Brotherhood of Darkness. Darth Bane is old and his body is starting to fail him. And, yet, his apprentice is yet to make her move. He is not satisfied with it. He searches for the cure for his illness and the key to immortality. He is convinced he needs a new apprentice. But Zannah doesn't think so...

My Review

This book is set ten years after the Rule of Two. In it we meet different Bane. Although, he is still powerful, his failing body limits his use of power. Zannah is also different. Now, she is powerful Sith Sorceress. Even more powerful then Bane himself.

Information is a commodity. It can be traded, sold, and purchased. And in the end, credits are only as valuable as the secrets they can buy.

— Dynasty of Evil

This novel is bringing us the final chapter in the story of Darth Bane. This fast paced story brings us the final showdown between the Master and Apprentice. It is a story of two people locked in their final conflict. The worst part, they both feel betrayed by the other.

This novel is a worthy continuation of it's predecessors. And fantastic final piece of the puzzle. The author continues his story with same care and attention to detail as in the previous novels. His attention didn't waver one second.

The weak will always be victims. This is the way of the Universe. The strong take what they want, and the weak suffer at their hands. That is their fate; it is inevitable. Only the strong survive, because only the strong deserve to.

— Dynasty of Evil

As I said at the beginning, Bane is very different here. He is not sure about his choices any more. He questions his decisions. And that's the fun part. In first two books we see him as confident man who has all the answers. In them he never wavered in his philosophy. But here he starts to. Mainly because he feels disappointed by Zannah. He thinks she is waiting for him to die of natural causes, which was not what he thought her.

Materialism—an attachment to physical goods beyond their practical value—was a trap; a chain to ensnare the foolish with their own greed.

— Dynasty of Evil

Karpyshyn finished the trilogy with a bang. He returned some of the characters from the first book to drive the story to its end. Those complex characters are driving the story to it's satisfying conclusion.

Here we meet again his comrade in arms from the first book. Who is a bodyguard to the princess of one of out rim planets. Who searches for Bane for revenge. She is fantastically developed character. And her story arc is beautiful. Her fall from grace is the highlight of this novel. Her inner turmoil is a beauty to behold.

It has to be said that side characters are just amazing. Not just in this novel but the whole trilogy. One of those characters is Seth. Dark Jedi who wants has no desire to tire himself with Sith/Jedi nonsense.

Set wasn’t interested in ruling the galaxy. Or destroying the Jedi. It sounded like a lot of work.

— Dynasty of Evil

It's interesting to finally meet one of the Dark Jedi's. We all heard of them here and there. But here, the author is introducing us to their philosophy, also. He builds on all the previous information on Dark Jedi's. Of course, that view from Siths point of view.

The Sith were the sworn enemies of the Jedi and the Republic. They sought to wipe us from existence; they sought to rule the galaxy. (...) A Dark Jedi, on the other hand, has much smaller ambitions. He -or she- thinks only of himself. He acts alone. The ultimate goal is not galactic conquest, but personal wealth and importance. Like a common thug or criminal, he revels in cruelty and selfishness. He preys upon the weak and vulnerable, spreading misery and suffering wherever he goes.

— Dyansty of Evil

Drew Karpyshyn masterfully closed this trilogy. He drives the story to final confrontation between master and apprentice with ease. Nothing is out of place, every piece is compatible with the other. And it fits with the rest perfectly, like a giant jigsaw puzzle. You can see the authors care for this universe, even love. It's painfully obvious he holds it in high regard.

Final Thoughts on the Whole Trilogy

I loved this trilogy. These books were the best I read so far this year. It is obvious that Drew Karpyshin did a mammoth part of the job for the ultra popular franchise. And it really doesn't matter these books are not canon any more. Plus, that's something we don't hold sway over. But, that doesn't mean we can't enjoy the books that are not canon anymore.

The author gave us the philosophy of the Sith on a silver platter. He digs it deep. Leaving nothing to imagination. The philosophy of this novels is way up there. But, it's simply written, that everyone can understand.

A Sith knows when to unleash the fury of the Dark Side, and when to hold it back. Patience can be a weapon if you know how to use it, and your anger can fuel the Dark Side if you learn to control it.

— Drew Karpyshyn

He also introduces us to all the potential and all the dangers concerning Dark Side. He wants us to understand how dangerous the Dark Side really is. How easily you can fall pray to it.

Dark Side will devour those who lack the power to control it. It's a fierce storm of emotion that annihilates anything in its path. It lays waste to the weak and unworthy. But those who are strong can ride the storm to unfathomable heights. They can unlock their true potential; they can sever the chains that bind them; they can dominate the world around them. Only those with power to control the Dark Side can ever be truly free.

— Drew Karpyshyn

But that is not all. The author introduces us to all the differences between Siths and Jedi's. He makes the clear distinction between those two sides. It can be said that many gave done this before him. But, he those that from the opposing side. Up until now, we knew Jedi's thoughts on Sith. But, here we see it through the eyes of their enemies. Which is freaking awesome.

The Jedi shackle themselves in chains of obedience: obedience to the Jedi Council; obedience to their Master; obedience to the Republic. Those who follow the Light Side believe they must submit themselves to the Force. They are merely instruments of its will, slaves to greater good.

— Drew Karpyshyn

The whole trilogy is masterfully written. Plot twist after plot twist, the author did amazing job in keeping me entertained. The action flaws on the pages of these three novels constantly. Leaving even the biggest action fan fulfilled.

If you ask me which part is better I wouldn't know how to answer it. Because, all three books are equally well written and it's impossible to make that kind of choice. It's best to consider this trilogy as a whole.

If you are a fan or Star Wars, this trilogy is a must read. But, I truly believe that these books can be loved by those who are not deep in the fandom. Those who are just a casual viewers. But also, all those who love space opera, but don't love Star Wars. I firmly believe everyone can enjoy this trilogy. It's that kind of book. We just found it in this universe. Happy reading.

5 stars for Darth Bane Dynasty of Evil

© 2020 LJ Milan


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