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Book Review: Suburban Diva: From The Real Side of the Picket Fence by Tracey Henry with Jeff Harris

Updated on August 14, 2014
Are you a Sub Diva?
Are you a Sub Diva?

You know how there's always "that" house in the neighborhood? A luscious green manicured lawn and bushes, perfect kids, pets, everything. I needn't go on and neither does Tracey Henry (aka Suburban Diva).

As Sub Diva, Henry's brought a collection of her favorite columns and compiled them into a book for the masses to enjoy. Anyone can relate to the stories she tells. Whether you're young or old we've all been there. And this modern day Erma Bombeck doesn't keep anything back. Actually, she outrivals Bombeck.

While I'm glad to be single and childless I can only imagine what it's like to be a mother in today's society. Thoughts of the cartoon characters from "The Family Circus" struck me immediately (for chaotic images) and while this book is based on "real life" incidents, I couldn't help but find myself laughing.

And while Diva/Henry has a great sense of humor she also shows a poignant side especially when she writes about her deceased mother and of herself as "Ghost Girl" in high school.

You'll laugh (maybe cry) and think of yourself while reading this book, but there can only be one Suburban Diva and I doubt she'll give up her crown, Cosmo or flying mop.


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