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Book Review: The Lost Night; by Jayne Castle

Updated on November 11, 2012

Cover of 'The Lost Night'

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The Lost Night, book 1 of the Rainshadow Island series. Occurs in futuristic world of Harmony, where paranormal abilities are the 'normal'.

Jayne Castle, who is one of the pseudonym's for Jayne Ann Krentz (also Amanda Quick), has done a wonderful job on her latest 'Harmony' Book. Taking place on the hard to reach Rainshadow Island in Harmony's Amber Sea, she portrays a colorful location filled with colorful characters.

The town of Shadow Bay draws people who just don't quite fit in anywhere else. Reclusive, or running from problems, the people inhabiting the town and island have many secrets.

After leaving the 'Harmonic Enlightenment Community' (HEC) where Rachel Blake grew up, Rachel tries to fit into the 'mainstream' world, and though she doesn't find her place there, she knows she cannot return to the community either. She has a very rare paranormal ability where she can detect aura's and heal them, but not the aura's belonging to the 'monsters'; those missing essential parts of their auras, and therefore missing a 'conscience'. Because of this ability, and maybe more, she is considered unmatchable by the 'matchmakers' of both the HEC and mainstream. In a world where most people find their spouses through these agencies, she believes she will live a life alone. After she inherits a book store from her reclusive Aunts in Shadow Bay on Rainshadow Island, she seems to have found her place, and contentment.

Then one day she meets Harry Sebastian, whose family owns and runs the foundation that owns most of Rainshadow Island. Harry is there to investigate serious problems going on inside a para-normally fenced in area called 'The Preserve'. People are getting into the preserve more and more often, and many are not coming back out. The energy in the preserve is becoming more and more unstable, and the island is experiencing strangely severe weather conditions. It's Harry's job to find out why and stop it. Harry believes a rogue group of people are entering the preserve, and causing the problems. Harry believes that Rachel, with her abilities, can help him track down these rogues. Add in her amnesia regarding a night spent inside the Preserve, where she walked out on her own, and Harry is convinced she is the key to finding out what is going on.

Will Rachel be willing to 'spy' on her friends and neighbors? Will the explosive desire ramming between them affect Harry's job? What will Rachel think of Harry's own very powerful and rare paranormal abilities?

I suggest reading this book to find out these answers and more! If you are unfamiliar with Jayne Castle's (Jayne Ann Krentz/Amanda Quick) style of writing, some of the words and phrasings in this book may be confusing. I would recommend one of three choices before reading this book. One, read some or all of her earlier paranormal books, published under all three names. The 'Arcane Society' books would give you a good base. Two; read her earlier books that take place on the world of Harmony, these are published under Jayne Castle. Three; Both of the above.

I have come to like Jayne Ann Krentz (that is her real name) as an author very much. I do not like the way her books are published between the three names. Amanda Quick is the pseudonym used for books taking place in the Victorian Era of the 19th Century. Jayne Ann Krentz is for books taking place in 'modern' times, mostly 1990's to present time. And Jayne Castle for futuristic books. This would not normally be a problem, but she has several trilogies and series that jump the time frames, and are therefore published under three different names, even though they are specific trilogies/series.

Check here for a list of all Jayne Ann Krentz books!

Overall, I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is a fan of paranormal fiction. Do be warned some loves scenes in these books get fairly explicit. If you have read this book, please rate it above!

The Lost Night; by Jayne Castle


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    • Val Swabb profile image

      Val Swabb 5 years ago from South Carolina

      Awesome. You'll have to come back and let me know what you thought when your done. I'm gonna be re-reading mine before it has to go back to the library!

    • loveofnight profile image

      loveofnight 5 years ago from Baltimore, Maryland

      I'm loving this story line. I am hooked and will have to get the book now. Thanks for the review and keep hubbing.