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Personal Impression of the book: The Mists of Avalon; so much better than "The Holy Bible" (to me anyway);

Updated on February 14, 2018
BibiLuzarraga profile image

PERSONALLY, I could use a mental, emotional, physical and personal vacation after working for years; I love the novel 'The DaVinci Code';

"Fata Morgana" or, Morgaine Le Fey;

According to an image search on Google for "Fata Morgana", the photograph was entitled "Fata Morgana (Lily)-BibiLuzarraga.
According to an image search on Google for "Fata Morgana", the photograph was entitled "Fata Morgana (Lily)-BibiLuzarraga.

Pagan beliefs vs. Christian beliefs;

The basis of this novel emphasizes goddess worship, pagan rituals, spiritual powers, political plotting versus the conversion to believing the story of Jesus Christ, which may NOT even be THE TRUTH in a Biblical sense, as it IS pretty hard to swallow and to suspend disbelief, thereby disbelieving it, as there are many faiths whom have not believed nor ultimately, accepted Christianity-BibiLuzarraga.

A comment (12/11/2015): I read in the news on-line that there are groups whom would like "Christ" removed from the phrase Christmas; quite interesting and unsurprisingly, for in fact, there are faiths besides Christianity (ie Judaism, Atheists and many others) whom are not Christian and would still like to spend holiday times during the year-BibiLuzarraga.


If you are you a history buff;

"The Mists of Avalon is a 1983 novel by Marion Zimmer Bradley, in which she relates to Arthurian legends from the perspective of the female characters; the book follows the trajectory of Morgaine (often called Morgan Le Fay in other works), a priestess fighting to save her matriarchal Celtic culture in a country where patriarchal Christianity threatens to destroy the pagan way of life;[1] the epic is focused on the lives of Gwenhwfar, Viviane, Morgause, Igraine and other women who are often marginalized in Arthurian retellings whom spoke of The Mother Goddess, The Supreme Goddess and many other goddesses, which seems enchanting albeit too far-fetched for my taste; by the way, at the end of the movie ("The Mists of Avalon"), The Mother Goddess was worshipped within Christianity as The Virgin Mary; King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table are supporting, rather than main characters; (" In any case, The Mists of Avalon is a much better book than even the Holy Bible, which is very confusing and full of open, loose interpretations; The Holy Bible for instance, does not make specific references to very much at all and, attempts to create story lines which may or may not be true, in a Biblical sense, in my honest opinion nor, does the Bible even provide good orderly direction-BibiLuzarraga.

Did Avalon truly exist; perhaps it was an alternate universe filled with goddesses, gods, faeries, mystical and mythological characters that are real to those that live and can see physical spirits, ghosts, apparitions, etc in spiritual way, physical way, however, if alternate universe(s) exists even today, why I cannot see spirits is a mystery; The Mists of Avalon, The House of The Spirits (Isabel Allende), The Alchemist (Paolo Coelho), books by Gabriel Garcia Marquez were all books which were given to me and of course, I enjoyed them, which referred to spiritual worlds (fantastical books albeit fairy tales to me nevertheless :)-BibiLuzarraga.

As today, so much blood and tears were shed, unfortunately, during The Crusades, territorial wars, and much, much more in any case, The Mists of Avalon even makes mention several times to The Holy Grail--and, what is known of The Holy Grail; is The Holy Grail really an object or, a woman that reincarnated throughout lifetimes on Planet Earth; upon reading Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code, which explores the possibility that in fact, Mary Magdalene was The True Holy Grail whom blesses everything and everyone which, in my personal opinion, must be true;

In any case, it seems that the others dismissed Mary Magdalene and thought Mary Magdalene to be a 'mere mortal', including The Gospel of Saint Mary Magdalene which was cruelly and intentionally NOT included in the very confusing Bible in the first place; however, there are those, such as myself for instance, that utterly knows that Mary Magdalene was much more than a 'mere mortal' and the 'beloved disciple of Jesus of Nazareth';.

And being that I do believe in reincarnation, Heaven, Hell, Nirvana, Universal Karma, other spiritual planes and past lives, perhaps I lived during the Medieval era, the Renaissance, the Roaring Twenties, as a Native American Indian and in other lifetimes; I do not remember the past which is why I bought a meditational transgression tape to transport me mindfully into a few of my past lives; at times, I have very clear visions:)

I quickly transgressed myself using a guided meditation cassette tape and book--apparently, I definitely felt that I was a native American medicine woman, a woman whom was married to one of my ex-boyfriends (whom I recognized in the experience) in Venice where, I was a blonde-haired woman wearing a lovely powder blue dress and was brushing my hair before the mirror; I 'saw' myself slip away from the Venetian festivities, and a few minutes to midnight, cross a canal in a small rowboat and stand beneath a lamppost to meet a knight from Rome whom I think was someone that I loved (besides my 'proper' husband--shameful, I know), however, the point is that, the past life regression cassette and book worked;

in another lifetime (I felt), like most little girls whom wish to be princesses, I had imagined that I was Cinderella and became gorgeous); I saw myself wiping the fireplace of soot, slaving over evil sisters and an evil, wicked mother; wish it had been otherwise-BibiLuzarraga.

A Cinderella quote;

What is the 'secret' behind Victoria's Secret anyway;

— BibiLuzarraga.


Apparently, someone had filed my taxes in March 2016; to date, I have yet to receive my tax return-Consuelo D Luzarraga.

A sheer, Old Tyme lovely dress;

Perhaps deja vu, however, this image hints at a past life I may have lived...or not-BibiLuzarraga.
Perhaps deja vu, however, this image hints at a past life I may have lived...or not-BibiLuzarraga.

¿Why aren't there more fancy dresses in stores within today's "modern" world;

High-end designers seem to be influenced by gothic zombies whom wear black or red lipstick, vampire-like tendencies on strange TV shows and tatoo-loving skinheads and the like. Who watched the horrific movie entitled 'World War Z' starring Brad Pitt? Talk about zombies and a rapid, sudden decline of humankind; which is PROVEN well beyond a shadow of a doubt-BibiLuzarraga.

What has this world come to or is it that fashion has not evolved into the year 2016?! The last time I went to the mall and walked inside a Victoria's Secret store, I thought, "what happened to the all the 'spectacular' lingerie Victoria's Secret used to have?" Or maybe it's because I went to Victoria's Secret right before the Christmas holidays in the hopes of surprising my mom with special lingerie-BibiLuzarraga.

And when I was growing up, kids were not addicted to video games! Why does it seem that kids today play around with so many videogames, cell phones, iPods and the like? Mothers and fathers are to blame, is the way I see it. Personally, I did not own a cell phone until my boss insisted that he needed to reach me for work reasons -- I was 32 years old. I barely watched any TV and now, I basically sit in front of the TV every night since I had a "mini-stroke" and cannot walk well at all-BibiLuzarraga.

But I will walk in heels again in perfect balance and, will look twenty (20) years younger because I have been going through Hell a bit over nine (9) years now due to a "mini-stroke" (or, not) and just know things before they happen, kind of like a psychic, which has always been a powerful gift of which I have never abused; such as, I had a vision over 8½ years ago in which I felt that "the black horse flat out died and the white one bled" which I have not figured out (yet)-BibiLuzarraga.

A Sacred Voyage

Always watching...

Now immediately, times Infinity, times three (3) squared may there be Light, Truth and Justice;

— BibiLuzarraga.

Most definitely, one's eyes are windows to the Soul...

The Mists of Avalon is a book which my aunt betty gave to me as a gift when I was approximately 12-14 years old and ever since, The Mists of Avalon has been one of the most memorable novels I have ever read and, this past weekend (11/7/2015), I watched the DVD once again; I became especially engaged with each and every one of its characters in the book, their medieval customs, couture, magical rituals, beliefs and mythologies; of course I have read countless romance novels most of which were authored by Danielle Steele, numerous books further to theology, Greek and Roman mythologies, books on nurturing your Inner Artist such as The Artist's Way and so many more because I have always LOVED to read, write, paint and create :) Perhaps I inherited my creativity from my bloodline :)BibiLuzarraga.

August 30, 2016: "Snow White and The Huntsman";

Last night, I was able to again watch the movie "Snow White and The Huntsman" which somehow, felt very akin to my Soul as if I had actually lived in that story in a previous lifetime; maybe strange or, not-BibiLuzarraga.

Audience rating;

1 out of 5 stars from 1 rating of The Mists of Avalon: The Novel

Touching base-Bibi.

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October 24, 2017-Apparently, I have fans in Edmonton, Canada;

Doral, Miami, San Francisco, in the DOD, the AF, the USMC, etcetera and in many other places around Planet Earth, thanks to Google Analytics which is tied into each and every essay; of course, I wish, hope and pray that I will meet or, know whom you are by the end of this month, especially personally:)-should you have any questions regarding my short non-fiction blogs or, on-line essays, feel free to contact me; thank you in advance:) BibiLuzarraga.

© 2014 -Consuelo De Bilbao Luzarraga my legal birth name

© 2015 Consuelo De Bilbao Luzarraga


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    • BibiLuzarraga profile image

      Consuelo De Bilbao Luzarraga 11 months ago from Doral, FL (Greater Miami)

      I wonder whom has noticed that the value of Victoria's Secret stock price (L Brands) has lost over half of its value within barely four (4) months and, that the price of crude oil has plummeted from being priced at approximately $110.00 per share last year 2016 to currently being sold this year 2017 at approximately $50.00 per share; crude oil fuels many industries on Planet Earth while there might be a karmic reason for the price of L Brands to lose its value-BibiLuzarraga.

    • BibiLuzarraga profile image

      Consuelo De Bilbao Luzarraga 11 months ago from Doral, FL (Greater Miami)

      I had a strange lucid dream that I had been a prisoner in previous lifetimes, and while I never committed a crime, I was nevertheless, wrongly accused-BibiLuzarraga.

    • BibiLuzarraga profile image

      Consuelo De Bilbao Luzarraga 2 years ago from Doral, FL (Greater Miami)

      I have been an avid reader since the beginning of time :)