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Book Review: Treble At The Jam Fest by Leslie Budewitz

Updated on June 14, 2020

Unfortunately the lead in to this installment is the same as the last two reviews. Nothing has changed.

In this installment, summer is just around the corner and the kick off in Jewel Bay, Montana is the annual week long Jazz Festival. However, over achiever/micromanager Erin Murphy wants a jump on the festivities.

As manager of Glacier Mercantile (the Merc) she turns the back patio, along with Red’s Bar into a venue for the pre-opening festivities.

Headling the event is renowned musician Gerry Martin and unbeknownst to those in attendance, the concert doesn’t live up to his expectations. Of course Erin picks up on the trouble.

The next morning while Erin’s boyfriend Adam and his best friend, Tanner are kayaking on the lake when Tanner witnesses a body falling down a cliff.

As the news travels throughout the town, Erin thinks the worst and rushes to the lake to discover that Gerry was the one who took a dive. The boys let the authorities know that they didn’t see anyone else and it appears that it may have been an accident.

Erin thinks otherwise and begins to investigate the apparent murder of the musical superstar.

While Gerry liked the town, he had plans to open up a recording studio and B&B which was hush hush.

With a suspect list half a mile long Erin doesn’t leave a stone unturned as she searches for the killer.

As in the past, the ending is somewhat abrupt and unfulfilling, plus there’s a little foreshadowing as to how it will end with Erin’s relationship.

One of the bad things about this series is I have never felt a connection to any of the characters and as a reader, you want to root for the main character and hate those that are supposed to be hated. But when you have an unsympathetic main character, you can’t get behind her actions.

I may have been stumbling through this series and hopefully it will end on a somewhat brighter note.


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