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Book Review: Worker by Rodriguez

Updated on December 25, 2013

The Reading by Rodriguez "Workers"

In the present society, There are many people who feel unappreciated, lost or even downright repulsive. Others just give in and allow themselves to be abused or forgotten just because they have failed to appreciate themselves and wished that they were like someone else. Each person should appreciate the way he she is and not try to becoming someone else. Life is a game of chance and each has the same chance of opportunities.

“Workers” is a story written by Rodriquez concerning how he had wished to find a decent job but was unable to do so. Consequently, he opts to perform manual jobs that are typical of the low and middle class population in spite of his dislike to these kinds of jobs. His other reason for engaging in the job is to make himself busy during the summer break. While as a construction worker, he comes face to face to the reality of the matter on how such workers suffer so hard just to make a living. Furthermore, the workers are darkened by the scorching sun and their skin color could not be identified yet they go on working. Rodriguez realizes that most Of these workers were not typical Americans but Mexican Americans. He explains that the reason why he doesn’t want this kind of life is that these workers could not think of having a vacation or good accommodation in nice places owing to the kind of wages they received.

It is really important for an individual to take pride in whatever role he or she lands in any particular moment. There are many people who work just because they have to work or they want to acquire some money to survive. For many people, working is a means of getting some wages or salary and there is nothing more to it. It is however, paramount that whatever you are doing at the moment, even if it looks small or rather odd should be appreciated, and therefore, you should take pride in it. Rodriguez has a low perception regarding the job he was doing because; he had had an attitude that construction jobs were supposed to be for those of low or middle class. Moreover, the construction according to him, changes people’s skin color and also makes them to become different from “true” Americans (278). This was however, a mare perception which was instilled upon him by his mother since her childhood. It is also important to understand that whatever job one does including one in the construction industry, such a job is important for the overall national development and therefore, one should have that perception of being meaningful to the entire nation through such a work.

The most crucial aspect for one to identify concerning his or her personal identity is that it may be close to how other individuals see them in the sense that they are in harmony with the rest that are near them. On the other hand, it may be very different from how other people perceive them and hence, they may feel that they are misunderstood and therefore, life becomes a struggle to making others appreciate them. Rodriguez is one such example whereby, the society around him had isolated him owing to the change of his skin color from too much exposure to the sun. This perception came to be integrated in him more because, his own mother had told him that if his skin changed and became different from the rest, then he was bound to be isolated from the society. Hence, he came to develop this sense of rejection from his own society. It is however, important for one to ignore negative perceptions from other members of the society and only considers positive aspects that would develop his or her identity.

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