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Book Review for the Book Knee Deep in Paradise by Brett Butler

Updated on April 24, 2021
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Book Review for the Book Knee Deep in Paradise by Brett Butler


Book Review for the Book Knee Deep in Paradise by Brett Butler

In my home, we do not have cable television. It is wonderful to not have to pay the cable television bill. What we do have instead is a digital converter box and a good old fashioned rabbit ears antenna. Since we do not have time for watching much television anyway, it works well for us and we do not feel like we are wasting money on something that is going unused. Nevertheless, with the gift of this way of watching television, reception can be a little sporadic in terms of the availability of specific channels and specific shows.

  • For a while there, we were getting regular good reception for the old television show, Grace Under Fire starring actress, Brett Butler.
  • I never really used to watch this television show, Grace Under Fire during the years that it was considered a current show.
  • Now, that it is in syndication and an older show from years ago is when I started watching it a bit.
  • A lot of the times, the show was just background noise. I was not paying much attention to it.
  • Sometimes, I sat and gave it more of my attention.
  • One thing that I was able to sense in the aura of this lady Brett Butler in some of the episodes of the show, Grace Under Fire, is that she seemed like a very troubled person and the actress did not always seem to be convincingly staying in character, if that makes any sense. I was like what is going on with this lady?
  • As it turns out, Brett Butler was struggling with drug addiction while starring on many of these television show episodes. She was eventually terminated from her job as the starring actress of the television show Grace Under Fire for this very reason.

Brett Butler's memoir, Knee Deep in Paradise

Brett Butler’s book Knee Deep in Paradise is her memoir or autobiography in which she delves deep into discussing many of the troubles of her life.

When she was a young girl, Brett Butler's father left the family and was hiding out right in the neighborhood, at his momma’s house! Brett would go to visit her grandmother sometimes and Brett would have no idea that her father was there, at her grandmother’s house until one fateful day that she overheard him after not having seen him for years! That is an example of such a sad thing that she went through.

Later in life, Brett Butler also faced domestic violence in her romantic relationship and the severity of this caused her to have to go to the hospital. She also did various things that were out of character for her, while being high on drugs.

Brett Butler shows how drug addiction can haunt a person, not just because of what is physiologically happening to the body when addicted to drugs but because of the impaired judgement, impaired decision making, the actions that one might take when high on drugs.

Brett Butler speaks a lot about various things that she had been through from her early childhood to high school days to her time as a struggling comedian on the stand up comedy circuit before gaining greater fame and eventually starring on her own television show. Sadly, her erratic behavior and unreliability on the television show had been fueled by her drug addiction and she eventually lost her position on the show.

This book, Knee Deep in Paradise is available in various formats including as an Audiobook that is narrated by the author Brett Butler herself.

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