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The Book of Our Life

Updated on August 16, 2013

We walk out our life on this earth. Some people have a much longer life than others, none the less, we live (For however long) and then we die. What happens next is a mystery. Some people believe we’re just put in to the ground and that’s it. Some people think we go in to the ground only until it’s time for the resurrection. A lot of people believe we go to heaven and others believe that none of us go to heaven, we go somewhere, but not to heaven. The list goes on of all the varying ideas of what people think happens after we die;

Henry C. Philips is an accomplished author of Mystery Novels. He had been married to his wife Lulu (Lucinda Louisette) for fifteen years when she died very suddenly from a brain aneurysm. Henry has been left alone to finish raising their thirteen year old son, Mason. Henry was about to encounter the greatest mystery he could have ever imagined.

It was the night before Lulu’s funeral service and Henry wanted to have some time alone with his son; it had been so hectic with people visiting, and all of the preparations needing to be made for the upcoming service the next day. Henry knew that Mason needed to have some quality time with his dad for a little while, so that he could talk or just cry. They had dinner together, neither of which were very hungry, and then they sat out on the back porch under a beautiful full moon, and talked as the neighborhood cats walk along the endless trail of fence line. Mason asked his dad a question that Henry was fully anticipating; “Dad, do you know where Mom is?” But before Henry could say even one word of the profound answer he’d been practicing in his head all day, Mason said, “I know where she is.” Henry smiled and lovingly said, “Tell me where your mom is, I want to know.”

Mason went on to say, “Dad, I think that life is like the books you write. The life that we live here on earth is the writing process itself. Then when we die, that ends the writing phase and the next step begins; the editing phase. You told me that during editing a book is polished and made the very best that it can be; then it goes to the publisher where it will receive its cover, and then it is a finished work of art.”

“The way that Mom lived her life, she didn’t have to go through an editing process when she died; she’s already at the publisher ready to receive her beautiful garment of white, and soon she will be presented to God as a finished work of art.” Henry was speechless that his son could think up such a tale. They weren’t a religious family, so he doesn’t know where the inspiration for such a story came from. But if Mason found comfort in thinking in this fashion, then who was he, as his father, to tell him differently?

That night in bed Henry could hardly sleep for thinking about what his son had said, but he knew in his heart that it was something that must have been helping Mason through this horrible loss in his life. The next day Henry and Mason went early to the funeral home to make sure that everything was as Henry had planned. It was going to be an open casket so Henry had made sure to have just the right outfit and jewelry for Lulu, as she was always meticulous in her dress.

Everything was ready and the service began. Everyone stood as the casket was rolled in to the room, and a saxophonist softly played “My Greatest Love.” It was a very somber moment for Henry and Mason to see Lulu enter the room in a casket. The pall-bearers rolled the casket in to place and then took their seats behind the family members; the funeral director then opened the casket for viewing. Henry couldn’t believe his eyes when the casket was opened and he saw his beloved Lulu. Instead of wearing the two-piece navy blue suit that he’d brought days ago for her to be buried in, she was wearing the most beautiful white gown that he had ever seen. All he could think about was what his son had shared with him the night before.

Henry knew that he was experiencing the divine Hand of God. The night before, Henry thought that he was going to comfort Mason by helping him to understand about death, but instead, God used Mason to help Henry understand about life. The only thing that Henry could do was to stand by Lulu’s casket and weep. Mason stood next to his father and re-told the story that he had shared with his dad the night before. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room, including the funeral director.

The service was not at all like what Henry had planned; it was so much more and then some. Henry believed that as the funeral service was being held, and Lulu’s body lay there wearing the beautiful white gown, in all likelihood she was actually standing before God, the Divine Author, and how proud He must have been of His completed Masterpiece; Lulu.

From that day forward, Henry knew that he was not raising Mason alone; the fact was that he and Mason were helping each other through each and every day. Henry continued to write Mystery Novels, although there was no mystery that he could write about that was as mysterious and magnificent as what he had encountered with God.


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