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Book Summary Don't Count the Candles Just Keep the Fire Lit

Updated on February 7, 2016

Don't Count the Candles Just Keep the Fire Lit is a book that shows how fighting aging is possible with breakthrough information and tools. Cutting edge tools help but so does a great attitude. Don't live in the past just keep with the present time to stay young. Everyone has seen old people who seem so young and young people who ruin their youth with bitter attitudes.

The author of Don't Count the Candles Just Keep the Fire Lit is Joan Rivers. She was the author of many bestsellers. She was the host of cable show E!'s Fashion Police and did red carpet interviews for Award Shows. She also had a nightly syndicated talk show. Joan Rivers also was a jewelry designer. She was a standup comic that was a regular face in great comedy clubs for many decades.

This book is about staying young as you get older. It is important to stay mentally young as well as physically healthy. It is important to keep your sense of humor. Also, stay up to date with what is popular in mainstream contemporary culture. All of these plus looking young add to the perception of people as seeing you as younger than you truly are.

Staying young and "hip" throughout the years is not impossible but it is somewhat difficult. It does take effort. Most people do not make the effort needed to remain contemporary in a changing world. It is possible and desirable to be timeless but what is necessary is a real commitment to it and energy and a vision. When a person gets older it is harder and harder to seem young and in style. Joan Rivers wanted to achieve that primarily to keep her career alive for all the time that it was, which was to the very end of her life.

In Don't Count the Candles Just Keep the Fire Lit Joan Rivers deals with longevity and anti-aging. The Fountain of Youth has been longed for by people since antiquity. In this good book being young is a number but acting and feeling young is doable at any age. Joan Rivers shows how to do that in this book.

Youth is a matter of attitude. It is possible to stay young at any age. Just keep up to date with the newest breakthroughs in the science of anti aging. Joan Rivers was the master at telling how this can be done. Her book is a very good guide to the proper spirit of staying young in a world that values youth and beauty above all.


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