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Book Summary: Marriage Equality is Unstoppable by Kohn, S. (2014)

Updated on June 28, 2017

In this book, Kohn argues how strong oppositions to same sex marriages by the civil society, religion and or some political groupings have been shuttered by the Supreme Court in favor of gay marriages. Indeed, the concept of marriage equality to include gay marriages had been consistently receiving opposition from various quarters including courts, citizens, politicians and the legislature. According to the author, the movement in protecting the equality of marriage began in 2004 when a Massachusetts judge termed unconstitutional to require that marriage was only to be between a man and a wife and not people of the same sex orientation. This created a precedent for supreme courts in Connecticut and California which went on to make similar rulings four years later. The lower Supreme Court followed suit with the same ruling one year later in 2009. During the same year, the states of Maine and Vermonont enacted marriage equality laws, subsequently becoming the first states to legalize same sex marriages.

Apparently, Kohn is showing the emergence, development and consistent growth of equality movement. There was also the turn of events in 2012 when voters in the states of Washington, Maryland and Maine overturned a constitutional requirement that restricted marriage among people of the opposite sex. Presently, 3/5 of U.S has sided with the fairness and equality of marriages while judges in more than 11 states have ruled positively on marriage equality. According to the author, the new century had brought a new wave for gay couples. Furthermore, the new wave was something that was focused on moving forward and no obstacle seemed to overrun this intention.


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