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Book of the Fallen: Nathanial's Folly: Chapter 2

Updated on November 20, 2011

Chapter 2

Once more unto the breach my friends

William Shakespeare Henry V

The Black Forest, what is now Bavaria

The middle ages

The sun had begun to set behind the mountains as Father Vitoro made his way towards the small modest cottage he lived in. He had worked hard that day and it showed, the church was progressing well. Three walls were standing and so far he had not been bothered by any of the local tribes that seemed reluctant to give up their pagan beliefs. It was a good day and it seemed like the good Lord still smiled upon him. He opened the door to the cottage to find Vincent, his young orphaned serving boy asleep at the table. He had worked the boy hard today and didn’t fault him for falling asleep as he ate. He gently scooped him up and laid him on the simple cot on the far side of the cottage. After making some attempt at cleaning the evening meal dishes away, Vitoro sat down and opened his hand copied bible. He was lost deep in his thoughts when a heavy pounding came from the door. Vincent sat bolt upright in his bed startled by the loud noise, Vitoro made a hand gesture at him telling him to lay back down. Whoever it was at the door didn’t wait for Vitoro to get there as the door swung inward and a tall man in a great black cloak walked into the cottage. He quickly scanned the modest one room cottage with his deep blue eyes and then set the bundle he had been carrying on the table. It was a small boy perhaps no bigger then Vincent, it looked like he had been attacked by something.

“This boy needs help Father”

“Was he attack by wolves or something?”

“No by something far worse then wolves.” The man eyes continually moved, scanning everything. Just then a strange guttural call sounded from outside the cottage. The man turned his attention back to the door. “Stay inside tonight father there is nothing more you can do out there, help the boy and stay away from the windows as well, your souls aren’t prepared for what lies out there. That means you as well Vincent!”

Vitoro was just about to ask how he knew his servants name when the man bent low to the wounded boy’s ear and whispered something and then turned to leave.

“May God be with you my son” was all Vitoro could manage to say.

“He always is Vitoro and he hasn’t failed me yet” and then the man was gone. Vitoro heard a great many strange sounds and saw flashes of light under the door frame that night, but in the morning the meadow outside his cottage looked normal and of the man and the strange beasts that attacked the boy there was no trace. It was strange very strange indeed.

New York City

The present,

“Well we all have our crosses to bear, so if you please move away from the monkey and I will be on my way.”

“No I don’t think so. I think you should be on your way now but the girl stays here.”

“We aren’t afraid of you heaven-born” snarled one of the demons, the one cowering at Bartholomew’s feet.

“Then you are by far one of Lucifer’s least intelligent hellspawns” he could tell by the tightness around Bartholomew’s eyes as he said it that the fearlessness was not universal. He decided to see if he could exploit that difference of opinion.

“What does Lucifer want with this particular girl?”

“Oh who can say what goes through Lucifer’s mind. You know how he gets about these talking monkeys; sometimes he just seems obsessed about them.”

“Your day is over heaven born. The girl is ours and the end will follow” a look of irritation flashed across Bartholomew’s face. The demon was definitely talking about something he shouldn’t be. Josua decided to make the problem worse and force Bartholomew’s hand, either he would reveal more about why the girl was important to them or the demons would lose all control. Whatever the case the confrontation would be over.

“It is not too late Bartholomew; you can leave off with these hellspawn, ask for absolution and return to the fold. I will do all that I can for you” that sent the two demons into small fits, each one inching closer to Josua. Bartholomew let a deep rumbling laugh.

“I am too far gone for that my friend. How many Fallen have you sent to the black nothingness to await final judgment, how many have you made that offer too, how many have accepted and been forgiven? No I think not, God has little if any love left for me”

“The choice as always is yours Bartholomew, but you are wrong He does love you, as do we all, more then these pathetic piles of excrement and their twisted minds” the was the last straw, the demon nearest Bartholomew screamed and charged. As fast as he was he was no match for Josua, who had watched the muscles tensing just under his skin as he poised to charge, waiting for that slightest of movements to draw his sword.

“Arrgh the thorn” the demon screamed realizing his mistake too late. He was cut in two at the waist before he could halt his momentum, the two pieces falling to ash beside Josua.

“Drang” the other demon howled as he watched the sudden demise of his companion. He too charged only to meet a similar fate his head lopped off and his body falling to ash on the side walk. So much for not being afraid, he returned his sword to the inside of his coat, “Last chance Bartholomew, repent because the girl isn’t going anywhere” but it was too late he was already gone.

He walked back to the huddled form of the girl, running his fingers along her neck, yes her pulse was strong and the breathe of God was still in her. He was lost in thought when she stirred at his touch, her unfocused eyes meeting his and for a minute that seemed like an eternity he forgot who he was and why he was here. Then she fell back into unconsciousness leaving him with more questions then he had ever had before. He stayed there longer then he should have. Her hand curling around his, a reflex maybe or maybe more, he brushed a stray lock of hair from her bruised and bloodied face. He stayed until the flashing red lights from the emergency service vehicles could be seen and then he was gone.


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