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Book-reading Makes Our Lives More Meaningful.

Updated on May 12, 2011

"Read, Read, Read more" is the saying. Statistics show that after top goals like losing weight and stopping procrastination, to develop a reading habit is the next popular one. Book-reading gives you tremendous satisfaction, you can learn many things and on certain occasions, you enjoy the books vicariously.

Book-reading habit can be cultivated. A good book will be a bliss to read but if you choose a lousy one, you will feel why you are trying to cultivate this habit. Hence, to start with, you should choose a book that is gripping and fast-paced.

A few tips are offered here for developing a reading habit:

1. You should start reading for a minimum of 10 minutes daily. If you have a set time for doing it, that will really help. When the clock strikes at the set time, you should start reading. If you do so, this can become a life-time habit. You can gradually increase the duration.

2. Carrying a book wherever you go is a great idea. It will be a good companion if you are alone. You can also pass your time fruitfully when you have to do some waiting.

3. As you have a set time for reading, you can also choose a quiet place in your house for reading. This place should have minimal distractions and should be comfortable.

4. If you cut down your television viewing and surfing the net, you will have plenty of time available for book-reading. Though some people will find it difficult initially, it is not an insurmountable habit.

5. Some people start their reading habit by reading kids' books and cartoons. Once you develop the habit, you can graduate to the next level of reading other books also. You should create reading habit to your children also by reading to them kids' books and stories. If they develop this habit at an early age, it will go a long way in moulding them in the right manner.

6. You can keep a list of all the worthy books you wish to read. Whenever you come across such books, may be in the used book store or in the library you visit or anywhere else, you can get those books and read them. It is very good if you visit the used book store and the library as often as possible.

7. If you are at home, you can sit at the comfortable place you have already chosen and do the reading but if you are outside, you can try to locate a calm and comfortable place where there are no major distractions and you will enjoy it the most. Some people suggest beach as the best reading spot.

8. You can request your friends and relatives to suggest to you good books they come across or have read. This will add to the list of books you want to read and you will try to read them eventually. If you keep a target number of books you want to read before a target date, you will be motivated to achieve it by all means. But this target should be an achievable one.

9. You can have a healthy competition amongst your friends and relatives for reading books. This will be a great fun and all of you will enjoy it.


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