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Book review - Paul L. Maier - A skeleton in God's closet

Updated on January 31, 2010

This book was written by Paul L. Maier in 1994, but the issues touched on still easily fit into this century.It is about Dr. Jonathan Weber, a Harvard professor and biblical scholar, who has just published a very well-received book about the life of Jesus. One of his former professors, Austin Balfour Jennings, calls him up and asks him to join in an archaeological dig in Rama, Israel. But no one could have predicted what they find there. If this discovery turns out to be genuine and authentic, it will change the world forever. The implications for Christianity are so severe, they try and prove themselves wrong, and meanwhile to keep it from the general public. It might ruin Christianity as a religion.

The novel gives a very interesting perspective on religion and the bible. And on what could happen if one of the major world religions would collapse. The topic certainly makes for great discussions, or hot and heated debates more likely.

Paul L. Maier - A skeleton in God's closet

Paul L. Maier has some well-rounded characters to help him tell the story. We follow Dr. Weber, or Jon, throughout the dig and is discoveries. All the emotions that come with that are well described. How he tries to make sense of his discoveries, how he struggles with his faith and how he is desperately trying to prove that the findings are a hoax. The romance in the book is provided by Shannon, daughter of Jennings and the beautiful assistant at the dig. But Jon believes her way out of his league, or is she?

The book is a good read, whether you are Christian or not, and whether you are into archaeology or not. Although the archaeological descriptions are a bit much at times, this does not hinder the reading comfort one bit.

If you are looking for a great novel, and an intellectual challenge get this book now. It will present you with some interesting facts and stories about the bible and religion, as well as a bit of a thriller novel. So get it now!

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