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Books Reading: How it is Useful

Updated on May 5, 2012

Why I Like Reading Books

Most of the people are too busy and cannot take the time to read, they preferring to watch TV screen or surfing internet. In this article you will learn what sort of benefits reading give us and why it is advised to include in your daily schedule and timetable. Books Reading develops thinking; one of the important benefits of books reading is that it has positive effects on our thinking. In reading we are contemplating in order to understand ideas presented in books.

It also reduces stress; in today's world to get rid of stress is the main concern of many people. The richness and rhythm of language has the ability to calm the mind and rid the body of stress. It is very helpful when you read before going to bed. Books reading Increases our vocabulary, when you read books of different genres, we are faced with words that do not normally use in everyday speech. If you are not familiar with a word, it is not necessary to look in the dictionary definition. Sometimes the meaning of the term can be understood in the contents of sentence. Reading not only helps to increase vocabulary, but also improves literacy.

Another benefit of books reading is that it protects against Alzheimer's disease, according to recent studies, reading really protects against diseases of the brain. When you read books; the brain activity increases, which has a beneficial and useful effects on its condition. Books reading gives great confidence; it makes us more confident when in conversation, we demonstrate a profound knowledge of a subject, and then unconsciously behave more confident and arranged. Recognition of the knowledge of your surroundings positively affects self-esteem.

Books reading makes us more creative, and Creative people can generate several different ideas. People who like to read books are more creative and their reading habit broadens their thinking circle. It also improves sleep if you are regularly going to read before bedtime, then soon the body will get used to it, and then reading becomes a kind of signal. So you will not only improve your sleep, but the morning will feel more cheerful. You will feel more confident and cheerful books give reader an incredible joy and pleasure, books take its reader to a wonderful land of thoughts.

It improves the brain activity; in reading we usually think of a lot of detail: the characters, their clothes and surroundings. You must also remember the many things that are needed for understanding the work. That's why reading improves memory and logic. We are able to memorize more and more names of different places things etc. Books reading also improves concentration, when reading is necessary to concentrate on the content of the objects, without being distracted by other objects. This skill is very useful for any other activity. Books reading make us able to make good effective decisions in life. We must spare few hours from our daily routine for books reading, it strengths our brain it gives us power to speak more confidently. We cannot fully realize how many benefits books reading habit gives us in our whole life.


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    • profile image

      priti 3 years ago

      v nice thought

    • profile image

      viji 3 years ago

      really wonderful article lucid language and helpful and also informative,thanq

    • profile image

      kerren 3 years ago

      hello. good day, may i know your whole name so tha ti could cite you in my thesis? please and thank you. xoxo

    • profile image

      anita 3 years ago

      wonderful i like it i will follow your hub

    • Vegas Dulay profile image

      Vegas Dulay 4 years ago from Davao City

      it's a good article..

    • profile image

      Tom 5 years ago

      I love your fantastic article! Will follow your hub.

      Go here and read this one