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Boredom Be Gone: Lesson 22: 1984- Book 3, Chapters 3-6

Updated on May 21, 2020

Study Guide: Book 3, Chapters 3-6

Book 3, Chapters 3 and 4

1. What does O’Brien’s say are the three stages in Winston’s reintegration?

2. Who wrote Goldstein‘s book, and is anything the book says true?

3. How does the Inner Party’s reason for wanting power different from the reasons of the Soviet communists?

4. Explain: “Freedom is slavery.”

5. How does Oceana differ from traditional utopias?

6. How does O’Brien disapprove Winston’s idea that he (Winston) is morally superior?

7. What positive thing does Winston find in himself at the end of chapter 3?

8. What is Winston’s final question to O’Brien?

9. How does Winston now spend his time?

10. How does Winston demonstrate that he is not totally loyal to big brother?

Book 3, Chapters 5 and 6

1. What happens in room 101 to “cure“ Winston?

2. What is the setting in chapter 6?

3. How has Winston‘s relationship with Julia changed?

4. How can the reader tell that Winston truly has changed?

5. Explain the last two paragraphs.

Answers will be published in a day or two.

Answers to Study Guide questions: Book 3, Chapters 1 and 2

1. Winston is In a white, porcelain, windowless cell with high ceilings, “cold light” and four telescreens at (ironically) the Ministry of Love. He is there to be watched and to have his thoughts “altered”.

2. There are 10 to 15 common criminals plus a few political prisoners there who are there to be punished ( and also to have their thoughts altered?). The ”crime” That was committed by one of the prisoners was the fact that he left the word “God“ in one of Kipling’s poem’s. Another prisoner had committed a “thoughtcrime”.

3. The chinless man gives his bread to the starving man, who refuses it. The chinless man is then beaten.

4. The words ”Room 101“ terrify the skull faced man, and he offers to betray everyone he knows.

5. O’Brien and Charrington both are major players in the Inner Party,

6. Winston is beaten, fed, has meetings with doctors and intellectuals and undergoes intense questioning.

7. O’Brien tries to teach Winston that he is crazy (until he agrees with them).

8. O’Brien explains that passed totalitarian governments operated in the “Thou shalt” mode, while the Inner Party operates in the “Thou Art” mode. Other words, in the past the government “strongly suggested“ acceptable behavior, while in the present, the current government dictates (controls) it.

9. The shock treatment is so effective that Winston almost sees five fingers instead of four.


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