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Boredom Be Gone: Lesson 14- “1984”

Updated on May 1, 2020

Study Guide: Brave New World, Chapters 3 and 4

1. Why is Winston’s dream about his mother significant?

2. What does Winston remember about major past events?

3. a. How does the party slogan “controlling the past and the present” apply to Winston?

b. How is his job somewhat creative?

4. What is the role Big Brother plays in society?

5. Who are the proles, and to what types of culture are they exposed?

6. What is the purpose of the “Comrade Ogilvy” myth?

Study Guide: Chapters 5-7

1. Why is there a problem getting razor blades?

2. Why does Winston think Syme will be vaporized?

3. Why is Parsons proud of his children?

4. Why is the Telescreen announcement important?

5. How does Winston differentiate between the people he thinks will be vaporized and those he thinks will not be vaporized?

6. What is the government’s only purpose for marriage?

7. What is “prol control”?

8. What are some half- truths the party teaches about history?

9. Why is the Aronson, Jones, Rutherford story meaningful to Winston?

10. What is Winston’s unanswered question?

Assignment: Read Book 1, Chapter 8 and Book 2, Chapters 1-3.

The answers to Book 1, Chapters 3, 4 and Chapters 5-7 will be published in several days, along with the questions that pertain to the next assignment.

Answers: Lesson 12: 1984, Chapters 1,2

1. The main character, Winston Smith, is small, frail, has fair hair and rough skin. He wears blue overalls.

2.This society is dystopian: the people have to wear uniforms, the Telescreen is always present, Big Brother is watching, etc.,

3. Three slogans of the inner party are “ War is peace,” “ Freedom is slavery,” and “ Insurance is strength.”

4. The four ministries are Love, Peace, Plenty, and Truth.

5. Certain things are written in italics because it shows that these things are part of Winston’s diary.

6. Goldstein is the figurehead (in other words, only a symbol) to whom the people direct their hatred.

7. Winston catches O’Brien’s eye during “the two minute hate”.

8. The audience’s reaction to the film is strange because they applaud when a bomb falls on a boat full of refugees.

9. If the Thought Police would catch someone committing a thought crime, they would find that person in the middle of the night, and he would be “vaporized”.

10. The Parsons represent the stupid, obedient majority who are duped by the government and betrayed by their own children.

11. The function of children in this futuristic society is to break up their families by acting as spies, very much like the Hitler Youth did in World War II.

12. Winston‘s dream about O’Brien: He had spoken out of the dark and said, “We shall meet in the place where there is no darkness. ”

13. The two announcements that are made on the news:

1) The chocolate ration is reduced.

2) The forces in southern India ” won a glorious victory.“

Answers: Lesson13- Grammar

1. Those

2. badly

3. really, well

4. her

5. badly

6. good, well

7. those

8. is

9. is

10. is

11. her

12. are

13. poorly

14. well

15. those


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