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Boredom Be Gone- Lesson 9: Words Frequently Confused

Updated on April 23, 2020

Guide: Which Words to Use When

1. Lying ( lie, lay, lain) means resting. It does not take an object: The book was lying on the counter,

Laying (laid, laid) means placing/ putting. It does take an object: He was laying the book on the counter. (The object is book.)

2. All together means as one, in one place (They were all together in the gym.)

Altogether means totally. (Your comment was altogether uncalled for.)

3. Can means to be able. ( He’s in good shape, so he can easily lift those weights.

May means to be allowed/ to have permission. (May I go with you?)

4. They’re means they are. (They’re going to the store to buy some candy.)

Their is an adjective that shows possession. (Their answers were very creative.)

5. Accept is a verb that means to receive. (I can’t accept your money.)

. Except is a preposition (everyone did the homework except John.)

6. To is a preposition (We were going to the store.)

Too is an adverb that means also. (Janet plans on coming along, too.)

7. In means inside. (His shoes were in the house.)

Into shows movement. (Nancy walked into the house.)

8. Advise is a verb that means to offer help. (his lawyer advised him to keep quiet,)

Advice is a noun that means help. (His advice was to do what I thought was right.)

9. Among is used when referring to three or more.(The class shared the answers among themselves.)

Between is used when referring to two. (Cindy and Fran shared the candy between them,)

10. Fewer refers to items that can be counted. (There were fewer pens than pencils.)

Less is an amount referring to something that can’t be counted. (She ate less soup than her sister did.)

11. You’re means you are. (You’re a better student than she is.)

Your shows possession. (Your question made a lot of sense.)

Your Turn

Choose the correct answer.

1. No one may go to the dance(except, accept) Sandra.

2. Take my (advise, advice) if you want to do well in school.

3. This test is (all together, altogether) too easy.

4. (Among, Between) The two of us, I think the test was right really was hard.

5. (Can,May) I please be exempt from doing my homework?

6. You earned (fewer, less) A’s than I did.

7. He slowly walked (in,into) the room.

8. The book is (lying, laying) on the table.

9. All the students brought (they’re, their) books to class.

10. You didn’t do (to, too) we’ll on the test yesterday.

11. remember to tell (you’re, your) best friend about the party.

12. it’s not a good idea to (lie,lay) outside in the sun for (too, to) long.

13. The boys took all (their, there)gear when they went (there,their) to camp out.

14. You need to (accept,except) the blame when it’s your fault.

15. At lunch, our whole table shared the cookies (among, between) us.

Answers will appear at the end of lesson 10.

Answers to Lesson 8

With a thunderous roar the silver ship raced to the earth, and it glided smoothly to a stop before the airplane terminal. It had reached its destination: International Airport, New York, New York.
Just a few miles outside The center of the city, New York International Airport, sometimes called Idlewild, opened in June, 1948. Then the field was used mainly by two domestic airlines: Pan American and Eastern. Today, however, Airlines from all the major countries of the world arrive at this busy airport. They come from London, England; Paris, France; Rome, Italy; and even Haifa, Israel. It has become a very important airport, which is currently known as Kennedy Airport.


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