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Boredom Be Gone: Lesson 18- “1984” continued

Updated on May 8, 2020

1984: Study Guide: Book 2, Chapters 4-8

1. What sensory pleasures are mentioned in chapter 4, and why does Orwell mention them?

2. Describe the reactions of both Winston and Julia to rats.

3. What do the church bells mean to Winston?

4. What does the coral paperweight symbolize for him?

5. Who has disappeared?

6. How does the Inner Party build spirit for Hate Week?

7. Discuss the differences between Julia and Winston.

8. What convinces Winston that O’Brien belongs to the brotherhood?

9. What is Winston‘a memory about his family and his relationship with his mother?

10. What does his dream teach him about love and loyalty?

11. Explain the difference between confession and betrayal.

12. How do the living quarters of the Inner Party members different from those of the Outer Party members and proles?

13. How does O’Brien test Julia and Winston?

14. What does O’Brien tell them about the Brotherhood?

15. How will O’Brien get The Book to Winston?

Assignment: Read Book 2, Chapters 9 and 10

Answers: Book 1, Chapter 8 and Book 2, Chapters 1-3

Book 1, Chapter 8

1. When Winston goes off on his own, he is missing a meeting at the community center.

2. In the proles’ end of London there are bombs, pubs, a lottery, and “true memories” (but are they?)

3. After Winston talks with the old man in the pub, he thinks that these people are like ants and that The old man’s memory was a “rubbish heap of details.”

4. Mr. Carrington is 63 years old, frail, bowed, has a long nose, thick glasses, white hair and bushy black eyebrows. He has “a vague air of intellectuality.” Winston finds a paperweight at his shop.

5. Winston thinks about church bells ringing in London because of the nursery rhyme and also because he had never heard them before,

Book 2, Chapters 1-3

1. Before he reads the note, Winston thinks that Julia is going to turn him in. After he reads it, he realizes that she cares for him.

2. First Julia and Winston meet in the cafeteria, where they arrange yet another meeting.

3. The parade is the show that the Eurasian prisoners are “strange animals.“

4. Being alone with Julia makes Winston nervous because he’s paranoid.

5. Julia’s philosophy is the more men she’s had, the more she loves him. Also, she hates The Party.

6. The thrush music is significant because it’s so unusual, and also because it makes Winston wonder if there’s a microphone.

7. Winston and Julia meet in the street, at the open market, and in the stalls.

8. Julia’s job, background, and attitude toward the inner party are very clearly described in the book.

9. There was no love at all involved in Winston’s marriage to Catherine..

10. Julia refuses to accept the fact that “ The individual is always defeated.“

Answers: Lesson 17

1. Incorrect.

I plan to pursue a career in music, which is exciting but challenging.

2. Incorrect

Student performance has become worse each year.

3. Incorrect

Melanoma is often curable when diagnosed early.

4. Incorrect

Hydrocephalus is the correct scientific term for water on the brain.

5. Incorrect

I love cooking, reading, and watching movies.

6. Incorrect

When he learned that I‘d decided to attend Moravian, the president of the college shook my hand.

7. Incorrect.

Even though Janet was only 17, the college allowed her to enroll.

8. Incorrect

When I was five, my parents took me on a train ride.

9. Correct

10. Incorrect

When Andrea tripped over her shoelaces, her backpack fell to the ground.

11. Incorrect

A teacher should have a touch of the actor in his/her blood.

12. Correct

13. Incorrect.

Throwing paper airplanes, writing on desks, and eating in class are not appropriate behaviors.

14. Correct

15. Incorrect

When he cut class for the 20th time, Ben’s punishment was a three-day suspension.


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