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Born to be a Soldier

Updated on January 22, 2016

All my life i have always wanted to be a soldier, i get obsessed whenever i see a soldier especially if he is putting on the camouflage then if they are more than two,say a battalion, okay let me just rephrase it, say a group of soldiers, i get carried away. Everyone knew that i have great respect for Soldiers and my career choice brought a big problem between me and my parents. My Dad wanted me to be an architect just like him, to take over his company as his first child while my Mum wanted me to be a medical doctor.

She talked me into accepting her career choice for me and i did simply because of the fact that i can be a medical doctor and equally be a soldier. I wanted to attend the command secondary school but she somehow blocked it and i was sent to study in the missionary school then when i wanted to go into the University, my first and only choice was the defense academy but i couldn't gain an admission because they don't offer medicine in the academy so i got admitted in a private university and graduated with first class honor in medicine.

Now a qualified Doctor and hundred percent independent of my possessive and dictatorial parents, i decided to enlist into the military to fulfill my dream.I was so happy that with my level of education, i will be a second lieutenant upon enlistment and i knew that i will go on to become a good general someday. I discussed my plans with my younger brother who was my sole confident and he also motivated me because he knew that i have always wanted to a soldier and my love for soldiers cannot be compared with anything.

Well, i got the recruitment form and got into the recruitment process and it was during this period that i understood what the word SOLDIER actually meant...


A Soldier must be strong, obedient and highly laborious and never afraid of anything so always ready to dare and that makes him insane and an extraordinary being with the ability to kill at anytime because no matter what, he is rebellion. This is my true definition of a Soldier and as much as i studied each alphabet that make up the word SOLDIER, i had one big problem with the fifth alphabet but it was actually my turning point because without a little bit of it, a soldier will not be complete.

All the training process was a big adventure for me and i enjoyed the insanity in all, playing hot potatoes with a life grenade, jumping life fire, diving into moving objects, kick boxing, climbing the hill, jumping robes,running without being chased, i mean everything was so great and adventurous because the training process enables one to build a good mindset but what would define me as a soldier happened just one day. It was the final stage of our training exercise called ROAD TO HEAVEN which required crawling along a 50- meter path littered with coral and rocks.

I was born to be a Soldier and i shall die a Soldier because I live by chance, love by choice and i am a Killer by Profession.


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    • Rossimobis profile image

      Chibuzo Melvin Mobis 24 months ago from Biafra

      Thanks for your comment juneaukid

    • juneaukid profile image

      Richard Francis Fleck 24 months ago from Denver, Colorado

      I admire your strength of convictions--I was lucky, my parents encouraged me to become what I deemed best for me.