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Brains A-Whir

Updated on June 25, 2016
Oscarlites profile image

Writing Poetry has filled a large portion of my life beginning with childhood. Writing is a creative venue and lifelong enjoyment for me.

Always it bothers me what others try to do, while I’m thinking, thinking, thinking, cause my brain is in a whir…

I need deaf-like silence, all others to keep qui-et, and to be still, still, still, when my brain is in a whir…

No laughing, jostling, or teasing; that’s something quite pre-posterous, and its surely inter-rupting me, while my brain is in a whir…

If they’ll tip-toe, whisper and listen, they’ll soon know what’s going on in the head of mine, when my brain is in a whir…

My thoughts will rhyme and rea-son, in right order they’re conceiving, until fin-ally I dare to speak them, cause my brain was in a whir…



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    • Oscarlites profile image

      Oscar Jones 5 years ago from South Alabama

      thanks Angelo..

    • Angelo52 profile image

      Angelo52 5 years ago from Central Florida

      Yeah, know what you mean. Open office environments seem to be conductive to interupting your train of thought when office mates get into story telling or just plain talking. Good poem. up +