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Life is like a Balance (Poem)

Updated on August 4, 2012

Life is a balance


What is life?

This is a million dollar question which has been answered infinite times but still it is being asked quite frequently. Some agree with the answers, some disagree, some have mixed reaction and some feel it is still left unanswered. This is one question which perplexes the mind of the philosophers to ordinary men. The interesting thing is no one is completely satisfied and constantly some more questions regarding life come up in the minds of the individuals.

I am an ordinary person with lots of question in mind regarding life. I am sure many are like me who have their own questions but without a concrete answer. Still, I would like to draw your attention towards the basic fact of life. Life means ‘existence’.

Supreme Creation

On this earth living beings are the example of life. Trees, plants, animals, birds and insects are all living beings but do they ever ask the million dollar question: ‘what is life’, once in their lifetime? Not even for once. This million dollar question is asked only by the human beings and that too for infinite times. The human beings are known to be the supreme creation of God. That means the human beings are the luckiest, wisest and most powerful creatures among the living beings. We human beings are lucky to exist on this earth and witness so many things happening around us. Actually we human beings must be grateful to God for being the best creation of His.

Short of Self- Confidence

Thanks to God! Human beings are full of capabilities but we men are short of self- confidence. Actually, we human beings are never satisfied. It is human nature to expect something good all the time. At such a point when we fail to achieve what we desire for then our self- confidence get shattered.

Men are Ignorant

God has made the men intelligent, strong and wise but then too the human beings fail to acknowledge God’s gift in their lifetime. Men usually fail to rely upon their own ability. The fact is we human beings are actually ignorant about our own capabilities which God has blessed us with. We people are gifted with a brain by God but do not use it when it is required the most. Being the supreme creation of God the human beings behave like an ignorant and in this way we normally make a mess of our life sometimes if not always.

God gave us life but we have to shape it up in a right direction. To this thought I offer my poem:

Life is like a Balance

Life is nothing but a chain of happenings:

Be it a series of tragedies,

Be it a long line of comedies, or

Face a list of mixed feelings.

Rarely, it strikes a balance

Rather tests individual’s patience.

Life is like a balance:

Have something a bit more

Or, have something a bit less in life…

It makes all the difference.

Only needed a fraction of a second

Simply, the journey of life gets tilted

No doubt it turns spicy or non-spicy.

Life is always a learning experience:

It hardly brings with it a list of fortune

Not even brings forth a queue of misfortune.

It’s we, who make

It’s we, who break our lives…

Through the deeds we do.

That’s an ideal preaching!

Isn’t it a living soul’s ultimate earning?

Life is always at a risk:

As it works like a balance

No one knows what’s in store.

Although we want life to be beautiful

Let’s work hard for equilibrium.

Though very tough it is!

Still, can’t we get rid of an imbalance?

Through the brains we have…

Let’s work upon some counter balance,

Hence life will have some grace!

Use of Brain

We all know life is very dicey. It is always we who can turn around our lives but definitely not just sitting idle. It works positively when the human beings try hard. There is a need to use the brains, intellect and wisdom. Positive use will bring in fruitful return while negative use will spoil one’s own life.

The men must not take their life for granted. It is very true that life is like a balance. It can move either way with a little difference in our action. In such a situation it is an opportunity to prove that we the human beings are the supreme creation of God by utilizing our brain.

Accepting life as it comes is not an intelligent act. Pondering, analyzing and working upon it are the right way to deal with life. This gives an impression of creating a difference in life. It definitely gives a hope for the better. The men know that life is not a smooth sailing ship. It sometimes brings joy while sometimes gives hiccups to the human beings. Challenges are numerous so there is an ample risk which can rock the ship of life. Here, comes the role of the men’s brain. It helps the human beings to shape their life as we want. May we all use our brains and bring in equilibrium in our life!


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