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Some Tips on How to Write a POETRY

Updated on January 22, 2014

Things to be asked to yourself when writing a poetry.

Why shall I write?

Poetry is a good outlet of anything you're feeling. Whether it is positive or negative, you can let the world or just your paper know it by constructing some words in eccentric order. This question is need to be answered first to have the clarity on the intent of the poem.

To Whom shall I write?

We write for a certain reason and often times for specific reader. Imagine of the people who will likely be reading your poem, can they relate to this. Well whether they can or not, it isn't that important if the purpose of your poem is just to speak out your feelings.

These two simple questions are just the thing I'm considering when writing a poem. When you got the answer for them, then start to warm up your imagination because you need the most of it in phrasing your thought.

Where to start?

So from this moment I'll be story telling the way I write poetry.

The first thing I'm thinking is, where can I relate my subject. If I want to write something about life and death, I'm thinking of something where I can relate them. Say light of a candle, or hiding of moon when clouds come, or the seasons like spring and fall. Something like that. So now, I want to write something about "How does a Writer love". Yes romance, something common so my task is to make something that will make my poem somehow uncommon. So I want to relate the topic in writing. :) What do I mean? So I will be the pen and my love will be the ink. Gets? (sorry if I am a little bit choppy here )

Next thing to do is to think of the form of poetry you want to write. There are many forms of poetry, for some who wants to know more visit Shadowpoetry there are SOME forms present there and well explained. So for now I want to write a senryu ( Senryu (also called human haiku) is an unrhymed Japanese verse consisting of three unrhymed lines of five, seven, and five syllables (5, 7, 5) or 17 syllables in all. Senryu is usually written in the present tense and only references to some aspect of human nature or emotions. They possess no references to the natural world and thus stand out from nature/seasonal haiku. ref:

Okay now I have to begin working with my imagination. This is the heart of poetry making. First write what you want to write. don't mind the syllables, don't think of the form, just let all your thoughts come out in the ballpoint of your pen. My message will be simple, I just want to say that I am quite not expressive lover but when I love, its true and eternal. Sound promising? haha

So now I have to create poem out of that message following the format I chose. Senryu. Actually I find this form, as well as haiku, a very challenging one.

Feelings on ballpoint
Ink streaks with every heartbeat
I'll die as writer

Okay, this is my senryu but before coming up with that one I've gone through a tedious editing :) let's do some flashback.

Feelings on ballpoint
Originally i wrote
ballpen speaks feelings
it sounds a little bit awkward for me so I rephrased it and come up with my senryu's first line
What I mean here is you can do editing, don't be afraid of it, if you are :), That is your work so you can do whatever you want to it.

Ink streaks with every heartbeat
This connects the topic I mentioned above and the thing where I relate the topic. Plainly as it is, you can read Ink streaks and heartbeat, that's it. So you have to show the connection to somehow tell the reader what are you writing about.

I'll die as writer
This final line concludes the message. Going back to the previous lines

Feelings on ballpoint
Ink streaks with every heartbeat

The first line holds the message that the writer is not showy of his feelings, why? The feelings are on the tip of his pen, It isn't on the paper yet. This says that, feelings which are meant to be shown, as ink should be on paper, stayed on the tip of the pen and when it's on the tip, it's ready to be shown but still the poem doesn't say that the author shows his feeling.

The second line that connects the topic to the thing being related to it shows the intensity of emotion the author has. His heartbeat is on every streaks. So to give you the meaning it suggest that the author is doing things to express what he feels. Not actually showing his real feelings, he is somehow sure of his feelings and letting his every move carries that feeling with the hope that even he's not directly showing his love, the girl will appreciate it.

and finally the last line. he will die as a writer, this simply can be translated as he will die as a lover. with heartbeat on streaks and feelings on ballpoint of pen, no wonder that he is absolutely speaking about his heart.

So this is how I write poem. It have been hard for me to discuss this but I hope I helped out some aspiring writers there like me :)

Thank you for reading.



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