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Bridges from Heart To Heart.

Updated on January 7, 2010

Bridges from heart to heart.


We build bridges
between our hearts
that touch

other hearts
and though

they are
often flimsy

and insecure,
we dare to

cross them
or meet in

the middle.

The path between
two hearts
can be downhill
and softly covered
in rose petals,
with the sweet scent
of possibilities
yet explored
perfuming the air
as you stroll
towards your destiny
to become two
hearts as one.

Or it can be
a dark and blind
stumbling place
where pain is
inflicted by simply
trying to bring
two hearts

together across

impossible barriers.

Sometimes these

bridges fail
though much

more often
they grow stronger
because of the

ties that bind,
and the connections

are always good
even if they

are only temporal,
for we

are expanding
our souls

with kindness,
and reaching beyond
the mere importance

of ourselves
to show concern

for like beings
to share love,

and all of its gifts
to others in

need of its access
but then there are times
we must burn

those bridges
and smear with

the ashes the words

"Never again!"

on the walls

of our minds...
this is all

part of the

crossing over
from birth,

to life,

to love,

and onto





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    • pbwriterchick profile image

      pbwriterchick 8 years ago

      Love this. I find love to be a private thing and in baring those precious moments to the world they can be hardened into common plastic... mass produced. Everyone wants to feel special, not used or sold...or burned.

      Great write :)

    • profile image

      cosette 8 years ago

      wow. that was really thoughtful. especially the burned bridges part. you reminded me of some quote about building walls and finding someone who cares enough to break them down. very nice writing!