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Broken Runaway

Updated on August 29, 2012

Damaged goods

Is what I am

I'd tell you whats in my head

But you wouldn't understand

Because I can't

I'm a complex man

Taking responsibility for all that I've done



Senseless decisions

Ruining what makes me happy and free

Realizing that the only problem is me

Repeating mistakes

Saying sorry again

Misery remains my only friend

I'm failing to see things through

My hindsight's 20/20

The past I rue

Thinking things will change

Coming back up this slippery slope

Sometimes I believe that it's a false hope

The worst thoughts creep in

Telling me to give in

Figuratively hanging from the noose in a rope

Self destructive tendencies trick me

I runaway from myself

Asking God to fix me

How can they know how I feel

If the words are never spoken

They need to know

I'm broken


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