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Broken Windows!!!!

Updated on March 5, 2010

Oh, to be the bibulous cloth creep

and soft marry the heart to pale gray hardened concrete

Steeples of purple hued promises

pierce the sky

lonely tears fall from mine eye

as the delicate silken moth enters the flame

thoughtless of magic and fancied fame

pass through the consortium of utopia

while the ancient white from Europa

Has claimed this benevolent soul

lost among you

soft torn scattered soul

given to dream

majestic purple and gold

wanton wasteland

not much longer a free man

I am talking to you

Yes, you man

time has claimed you

fate is against you

barren back in luscious green field

stand strong and on bended knee yield

and tell the great Lillie's your last wish

before they conceal

what is real

and welcome you with clean joy



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  • April Reynolds profile image

    April Reynolds 6 years ago from Arizona

    This is wonderful

  • loveovercomesall profile image

    loveovercomesall 6 years ago

    one of the most beautifully deep and sensitive things i've ever read

  • profile image

    tania agosta 7 years ago

    Simply great...