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Broken Wing - A Poem

Updated on October 25, 2017

A Poem: Broken Wing

A bird rest in a nest

Upon the ground;

Makes no sound

Her sights on the sky

A tear escapes her eye

She cannot fly

So here she is bound

At the dawn of life

Still too young to fly

Alone she was left

And longed for the sky

She leapt from the tree

Wings stretched wide

But fear crept in

A baby bird with no guide

Down she spiraled

Landing hard upon the ground

With a broken wing

It is here she is bound

She cannot hide

From predators eyes

She’s learned to be tough

And she has survived

She will not leave

This familiar place

Will not try to set a pace

For healing.

Too afraid

Again she’ll fall

On the ground

She will crawl

She keeps company

With feathered friends

Watches them fly

Away again.

Oh, little bird

With broken wings

Let me help you

Just follow me

Little birds too frightened

To leave her nest

To climb the tree

So here she’ll rest

She keeps mates with broken wings

She’ll lift them up, They fly away and sing

She’s left behind

In the bush below the trees

If they can heal, why can’t she?

Go little bird

And spread your wings

You’ve had a lifetime to heal

Now look up and follow me

Up we will go

To the tops of the tree

You and I together

We will leap

Then UP we will rise

Wind under wings

Fly, Fly little bird!

Feel the breeze

Little Bird, NOW don't look to me

Flap your wings

To your own beat

There you go!

Now fly away

And Sing me a song

And YOU lead the way

To a new nest

High above the ground

No more loneliness

You are NOT bound

Look down little bird

What do you see?

There’s a whole new world

Here above the trees.

You are free! ;

Free from your pain

It is your choice, little bird

To fly again

Now sing me a song

And call unto thee

All your feathered friends

You have helped set free

They did not leave you

They were never gone

They were waiting UP HERE.

for you all along.


This poem is about loss, survival, fear and most of all, healing. The bird is a young woman whose life has always been about survival. She feels her life is at a disadvantage because of her past wounds. She has experienced much loss in her life and feels abandoned by the ones she loved. The bird knows that life in sky is where she belongs. She understands how much safer and secure her life would be in the trees, yet she is master of survival and is proud of it. This life of trials has made her tough. She lifts up her friends and encourages their healing. Her life upon the ground gives her ability to aide them. Yet her fear of failure and heartache keep her grounded. She will watch her feathered friends return to the sky and she will feel alone.

The bird will be found in the brush by a friend who has returned for her. The friend will lift her up and show her how to ease her fears. The bird will learn that she’s had a lifetime of healing and that her wings will work if only she’d use them to their full potential. Eventually she will trust, not in the returning friend, but in herself and she will climb the tallest tree and she will spread her wings and be lifted higher and higher. Then she will see her life and all things around her in a new perspective; Looking down upon the past and soaring high into a new life.

Even Eagles Need a Push

© 2011 Kelly Pittman


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