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Updated on February 28, 2017
Jerlin Leeroy profile image

Jesse Lopez a.k.a Jerlin Leroy Has been an aspiring artist, since he was around 8. No matter what it is Music to drawing. He's an artist.

Chicano 1



Its like most of you all wont get the picture

sit back while i write the scripture

My people drowned in the devils elixir

Working hard to get the fixture Still being stabbed in the liver

Brown skin always gets thicker

Watch even when blood runs thinner

Well still linger With the middle finger

Higher than most can't just brag or boast

Close to the third coast

Where roast doesn't mean talking shit

Pick up the burner and someone takes a hit

Hope the gods start to work in our favor

Waiting till we see our Savior

Better watch your behavior they can't sen us all towards the equator

We don't need you all to cater laughing cause we wear gators

Cartel dictators Kamikaze operators bloodstained decorators

Bad bunch give a bad name

Let the honest reclaim We can't let it be the same

Every test we over came Even till this day......

Chicano 2


Some Chicano Music 1




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© 2017 Jesse Lopez


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    • Jerlin Leeroy profile image

      Jesse Lopez 13 months ago from San Antonio

      Thank you Brotha. I really appreciate that!

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 13 months ago from Queensland Australia

      Interesting poem. Thanks for sharing.