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Bubble Air Inc.

Updated on December 31, 2009

Bubble air inc.




I made a hoop

twenty feet tall,
and found a giant fan,
converted an old swimming pool
just right to fit my plan,

Used tons of fresh

bought glycerin,
and heavy duty soaps,
mixed well with fresh spring water,
which I then stirred it up with hope,

A rather large extension cord,
was plugged into the fan,
My hoop was propped up straight and tall
soapy film across it's span,

A friend of mine stood by to help,
turn on the fan as I,
stood just in front of my device,
hoping it would let me fly.

The fan went on at a slow speed,
and then I was enveloped,
in a rainbow orb that floated free,
as I sailed what I developed.

Below me children giggled,
doggies barked, and people stared,
as I rose up so much higher,
then explorers ever dared,

Sweet smells filled up the inside of,
this spherical craft I flew,
a mix of dawn, palmolive,
and a scent of fear came through,

For I was headed towards a tree,
it stood fifty feet tall,
a weeping willow, blocking me,
I feared that I would fall.

But my ride missed it by an inch,
so I sailed on that day,
landing somewhere near New Jersey,
on a beach quite far away.

I hitchhiked home and made a sign,
that offered folks a ride,
now people come from miles around,
for a chance to get inside,

What they all blew

when they were kids,
they relive it in style,
sailing high over the dandelions,
wearing happy childlike smiles.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~ o



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    • pbwriterchick profile image

      pbwriterchick 8 years ago

      :D I think you could turn this one into a children's book! I love the free spirited innocence in this :)