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Buck's two cents worth 4

Updated on March 30, 2011
An unidentified evil sow crate maker
An unidentified evil sow crate maker | Source

It's not piggin' fair


I’ll have to be quick this time. Phil knows I’ve been at his computer and I had to knock a hole in the far boundary fence to distract him today.

At last someone is trying to do something for my mate Muldoon and his kin. Muldoon is a very smart porcine I met at last year’s A&P Show. He was there campaigning for the abolition of sow crates. He was actually born in one and then liberated by one of the ALF guerrilla types. You know, the ones with a steely glint in their eye, a scruffy beard and sandals. They bloke that was with her looked very similar.

Anyway Muldoon has been campaigning for years to liberate the rest of his fellow porkers from these cruel forms of incarceration with sod all luck up to now. Even those two faced buggers that are supposed to look after us non-human members of the population had been no help, saying the crates were humane. Well I’d like to see what one of those NAWA(n)Cers would appreciate his wife being chucked into one and it’s a fair comparison, there’s probably only a single genetic marker that separates them.

Anyway that nice Sue Kiddley or whatever her name is has been trying to get the law changed. Unfortunately she has come up against a certain amount of opposition from the Prime Minister and others who reckon it’s an economic matter and not an ethical one. Well, to begin with, I doubt if many of those politicians would know an ethical issue if it kicked them in the teeth, but what distresses me most is the treatment of non-humans as mere economic units, especially as a few of those pollies have non-humans in their whakapapa. Rick Barker obviously has canines in his background somewhere and Trevor Mallard’s rellies would have kept a low profile every May.

Still I shouldn’t be too surprised about politicians treating us as economic units because they already do that to most of their voters.

Good luck, Sue and thank you from my friends in piggeries all over the country for trying.


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