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Building Blocks - Castle Keep

Updated on February 23, 2014

Building Blocks - Castle Keep

Building Blocks

I would build a fortress safe
for innocence to live,
protected by great blocks of stone
without needs to forgive.

I would build a castle large
with blocks of hope and faith,
knowing who will be in charge,
who can leave or who can stay.

If I could build a moat I would
and allow just friends to cross,
to keep my dreams in castle keep
to hold what won't be lost.

I would build a drawbridge,
raised or lowered by my need,
which only I controlled,
to be in charge in deed.

I would build a narrow gate,
my foes unable to enter,
locked at dusk and never late,
smooth bars without a splinter.

I would build a dungeon hidden
should evil pass the gate,
unpleasantness would be forbidden,
no rooms allowed for hate.

My fortress to keep me safe from harm
I'd know who'd leave or stay,
should meanness creep, strike the alarm,
and make it go away.

Facade of steel and heavy rocks
protect all who lived inside
with faith and hope as building blocks
we'd sing with joy and pride.

copyright 2006 carolyn injoy

I don't want to live in an isolated castle keep, these are just words that came to mind about learning boundaries and self protection.

Castle Keep

Bodiam Castle East Sussex England UK Wikicommons Antony McCallum
Bodiam Castle East Sussex England UK Wikicommons Antony McCallum | Source


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