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By The Time You Recieve This Note....

Updated on October 17, 2009

By the time you recieve this note.




By the time you

recieve this note
I will have

already ended it,
the note that is...

Sue A. Cyde is a really

close friend of mine,
and is quite sad that so many
take her name in vein.

It needles her a lot,
that people are

dying to meet her,
but she has so few friends,
they never stick

around long enough
to build a relationship.

Oh, they all hang around,

strung out but never

coming out of the closet,

and for some
poise is their greatest sin,
the choice of poise sin

that is usually only

seen in coffins.

They are so

well poised there,
in their Sunday best.

they get razor

cuts but their
hair grows on,

long after they are dead,

They tend to be klutzy

on tall buildings,
and then fall for her.

she needs more people

to admire her from afar,
because when they get
to close to suicide,

they are gone.

So in her honor,

I am leaving you this note,
and I am ending

it all with a bang.

Sue A.Cyde got tired

of her last hubby
Homo Cyde,

he was a sexless little chap
so her best friend,

Jen A. Cyde
who's his unmarried sister and Sue
are doing a threesome

with me tonight.

Thanks for listening,
hope this gives

you a hunger for life,
sleletons are

often bone hard
but they never have great sex
the only hole they ever get into

is a grave.


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