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~By the grace of God...I am...a Poet~

Updated on March 4, 2014

I am a poet.

Because my heart cannot contain

all that blooms

in the garden of my spirit

and my soul

I am a poet

Because my heart weeps


onto the page

and where the page is blank…

my message

sings its sweetest song

between the lines.

I am a poet.

I see your pain,

and I know

because I have cried those tears.

And I can tell you

“I know you hurt. I’ve been there”

I see your spirit

dance with abandon

in the glow on your face

Your joy is infectious

And I feel your joy

I once saw this journey

they call life

from the very top of the world.

And I can tell you

“I know your joy. I’ve been there”

People I don’t know

Friends I have yet to meet

But I hear those stories.

I have lived those lives…

And because

I meet you

or hear your story

My heart flows over

into words

you can read and hear and feel…

I am bonded

to my fellow brothers and sisters


by the grace of God,

I am a poet.


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