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Bye Bye Baby: An Intriguing Tale About The Death of Marilyn Monroe

Updated on December 15, 2017

Bye Baby by Max Allen Collins

Bye Bye Baby by Max Allen Collins

So today the review is on book I found in the Dollar Store. Typically I always considered Dollar Store books not that good. But since I started finding Joe Hill novels at the local Dollar Store, I’ve been taking chances with their selection. And the Dollar Store special is a pseudo murder mystery called Bye Bye Baby by Max Allen Collins.

The book is about the death of Marilyn Monroe, told through the eyes of her close friend and detective Nathan Heller. Set in 1962, the book is clearly split into two parts. The first about Marilyn Monroe’s relationship with Heller. Through this he learns the social circles she runs with and everyone’s relationship to her that ranged from Sinatra and his link to mobsters, the Kennedy’s affairs with Marilyn, and the CIA’s unusual interest to tap her phones. Though somewhat troubled trying to be a strong woman with studios trying to tear her down, Nathan sees Marilyn as a person holding things together very well despite the constant media claiming her to be a drug addict and alcoholic. And when Marilyn dies due to a supposed over dose, Heller tend to be one of the only people who will not accept that she committed suicide. And the people Marilyn mingled with are suspicious as overall, having something to gain from the star’s death. So Hell decides to get some answers and find out the truth.

So the good? This is not a bad murder mystery. Sure there are a couple slow points, but over all its pretty engaging. Everyone is a little shady with their big dark secrets. And red herrings are everywhere to keep the reader guessing. Also this is a brilliantly painted world. The characters are fleshed out and the use of history is wonderful. The history made this stand out. Now I don’t know much about 1962 America. I studied European opposed to American history in college and high school. But some of these things here in the book, I went ahead and researched to find out its true. I didn’t research everything in this book to know where fiction begins and non fiction ends. But I really liked the fact I learned something. Also I just want to say Marilyn Monroe is an interesting person in this book, who’s portrayal was something between a business genius and a lost little girl. She's such a very odd and intriguing character.

The bad? The book is not an action story. In fact with exception of one tiny little scene, there’s no action at all. Also you have to have interest in either the time era or Marilyn Monroe herself. If you don’t either of those, you are going to be very bored.

Overall, this is an intriguing period piece. The writing is well paced. It’s a slow burn of a book, but the characters and twists will keep you reading. If you like good mystery or period pieces then you’ll love this. Everyone else might want to skip it.

3 smoothies of Four

Overall Rating: An Intriguing Tale About The Death of Marilyn Monroe

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