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Bygone Poetic Pieces

Updated on November 13, 2022
Rhylee Suyom profile image

Reginaldo is an educator, a father, and a frustrated pilot. He hopes his play on words will elevate you higher and make you feel better.

My 1994 Journal with Poem Entries

Time Capsule in Poems circa 1994
Time Capsule in Poems circa 1994

25-Year Time Capsules Contained in Poetic Lines

I remember my first attempts to write poems. I was so embarrassed that I hid my drafts from my family especially from my mother knowing that they will be critiqued for their flaws. Each night, I would secretly write anything I could think of keeping the drafts somewhere safe so that no one would find them --- inside my school backpack. That was in 1993. It was only when I got a journal from an older friend that I tried transferring the drafts.

These poems stopped around 1997 when most of the people who read my 'entries' made fun of them. My embarrassment pushed me to hide my journal till I accidentally found it in my old forgotten things this year.

Hope you will find these 'wanting' and 'acceptable."

Thank you very much.


I wander in the wild

Running and whistling mild

With hope that I'll find

Answers which bug my mind

I feel the sun's heat

As my heart hastily beats

I walk up a mild storm

Up, another storm forms

I tried to look behind

But my thought rip my mind

My mind runs so fast

As my life meets its last!

[RGSuyom: November 25, 1994@12:30pm]



As I walk through the door

Light smiles were seen on the floor

Distant memories I could see

Not knowing what it'll turn out to be

A light tap on my shoulders

Long journey for me to wander

For somebody awaits the light

To bring them hope and might

The suitcase keeps calling my name

The wisdom in me set aflame

To take my heart afar

And heal those old dark scars

I turned around for a glance

Angels that surround me, dance

As if to give my mind peace

And let these tears in me, cease

I now thread the light's way

No foolish acts and child's play

But with each precious time I have

I'll serve thee lord, my God!

[RGSuyom: November 21, 1994@9:30pm]



My heart was mad as I walk past the hall

Fumes burned in me when I heard a call

I turned around to see what was happening

But everything loses all its meaning

I was amazed to find myself isolated

Yet, accurate are my plans that I've decided

Empty was the room and no one to ask

But still, I have to fulfill my only task

So time rolled by and we are still speechless

Now I've realized that this whole thing's a mess

I tried to break the silence between us

And make this madness in me meet its last

The days seem to pass by and each one's so lonely

I even made fun of myself just to make you happy

Unknowingly the hands of time get so near

And now, meaningful sounds are what we hear.

[RGSuyom: November 25, 1994@9pm]



The dark light envelopes these weary thoughts in my mind

While a brilliant sparkle of light tries to tighten our bind

Yet the truth unveils the dark side of life which is hard to find

And you stand all amazed for your heart's troubled and blind

The fragments of our very memories were all blown away

Distant places we use to dream of while we were at play

Now looking back to the time we were merry is all I can say

As you leave my path and thread another man's way

I now walk on the other side of the dark light

The pitfalls are near but in my heart, there'll be no fright

For I have filled my heart with hope, vigor, and might

Now my dark days are over and my future is bright!

[RGSuyom: November 30, 1994@7pm]



The clouds seem to hide

The aftermath of space

On the corner of its side

Unnoticed was a face

The blue skies wonder

So does the ground too

The waves now wander

Like what you do

That even we're asleep

An eye is looking at us

But your thoughts are deep

And you don't need such trash

Yet soon one day you'll

see the essence of the face

For you've done things full

of malice, greed, and disgrace!

[RGSuyom: October 14, 1994@1pm]



A man walks side-by-side

With his own fears

And the night will abide

The falling of his tears

The dark corners of life

May haunt the will in you

But if you'll only strive

Your fears will serve you too

Sometimes life goes on

really stormy and wayward

Yet, if we'll move along

our spirits will journey upward

And if you learn to embrace

the fears that live within you

Wouldn't it be hard to trace

your strengths, your fears anew?

[RGSuyom: February 17,1995@12nn]



The wind cries in agony

With the weeping of the seas

The rocks prayed for mercy

So do the hills and the trees

The waves crash to the shore

As if to wake the land

The rain begged no more

For unseen were the islands

The stars witnessed the turmoil

The vengeance of our nature

For man has already unrolled

The Earth's unholy structure

I stand amidst the challenge

To survive, to hope, and to struggle

But no one can appease the vengeance

The mysteries that we unravel

Soon the Mother's pain will last

Leaving her with deep dark scars

Changes will never be that fast

Man's knowledge exceeded too far

[RGSuyom: September 16, 1994@12nn]


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